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Some review sites are too focused on making a sale through their site and don’t focus on what their readers what. The experience we want to provide our readers isn’t just about the way we deliver our articles, it’s also about the way we treat our readers and focus on what they want to see.

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About Me

Like I’m sure you have guessed by now, I’m really fascinated by things that are in the drone or automated world. I created this site in the early months of 2017, where I begin reviewing items that we think are just super cool. I began with only a few reviews to pick from but our catalog is growing bigger every week. Please support us guys!

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Why Trust Our Reviews?

We are different from the other review sites. We are a small business, who is dedicated to bringing our readers the best reviews for real people, not just people who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on junk! We try to provide true meaningful reviews to our visitors. What we say in our review is not just to scratch your itching ears, we actually go out, read a bunch of reviews, ask questions and sometimes pick up the actual item, so that we can provide a real review, easing your job in picking the best tool!