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The Best 6 Robot Mops 2018
Hands down the "iRobot 380t Robot Mop" has to be the best bang for your buck!

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Best 6 Robot Mops

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So, what are robot mops and why should you buy one?

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iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop
List Price: $299.00
Price: $249.99
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Everyone wants to have a clean house, but not many enjoy cleaning. Mopping, in particular, can be tedious and time-consuming. So in an era where time is money, any product that can reduce the energy and time spent cleaning and automatize it instead may be well worth the investment.

A robot mop is a robot floor cleaner that can collect dirt, dust, grime, and smudges, so your floors can look cleaner. Each robotic mop is different, but they typically use mild cleaning solution or water to mop your floor surfaces.

It can easily clean any room, irrespective of size, thereby giving you a convenient, hassle-free cleaning at any time.

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Our Mission
Now that you know what is robot mops are and why you need one, how do you determine the best robot mops for you? Well, we have got you covered. After scouring the web, reviewing over 20 products, reading countless user and experts’ reviews, and testing several of them, we have come up with a list of the best of the best. Besides, we have ranked the best robot mops in particular categories to help you easily find the right one.Robot mops can remember your house’s layout, collect dirt on the own, and even recharge themselves in their charging station when their power goes low. Some are also compatible with Wi-Fi, thereby allowing users to control them remotely and set up an automatic cleaning schedule. With these robots, you can save both time and energy in addition to enjoying a freshly mopped floor on a regular basis.

How did we come up with this list of the top six best robot mops you ask …. Well we looked at their mopping capability, cleaning ability in terms of the types of floor they clean and how they work, patterns used for cleaning and floor coverage as well as ease of use, let’s go into details a little:

How we came up with this list of best mopping robot

Cleaning Ability

Most robot mops work in a similar way; they have a cloth attachment that is fitted underneath the unit part. For them to mop the floor, the cloth needs to be dampened, and this can either be done with a water tank or spray attachment, or you need to make the cloth damp yourself before attaching it to the machine.

The water tank can be a part of cloth attachment and have an opening around the edges to allow you fill it with water once it gets exhausted. The water finds its way down onto the cloth with a wick which sucks the water and wets the cloth or through small openings that allow water to dribble through.

The machine drags the cloth underneath it, wiping the floor as it goes. It is not meant to soak the floor and thus takes a short time to dry it. Some mopping robots have a dry function that allows this machine to collect excess dust before it mops.

Water Dispensation Mechanism

Many homeowners prefer a robot mop with elaborate water dispensation system. However, most robot mops fail in this. However, there are several brands that have excelled in this by having innovative water dispensation mechanisms, for instance, the iLIFE’s 5’s has an i-dropping technology. We considered water dispensation system because it is important for two reasons.

First, without an elaborate water dropping mechanism, the robot mop may experience overflows more often. Overflows can be perilous to both the homeowner and the cleaner when the water touches electrical components of a robot mop. The other reason is that it ensures water efficiency by dripping water only when it’s needed.

All the robot mop we have listed here have elaborate water dispensation systems.

Mopping Orientation

There are two major types of mopping; wet and dry mopping. A good robot mop should offer both. The big problem, and perhaps the main reason we had to ascertain a robot mopping orientation is because there are mopping robots that only offer one mode; dry mopping. This robot might not give you the best service, especially if a mess requires wet mopping.

Ease of Use

By this, we were looking at how easy it is to mop using a robot mop; whether you need to be involved in some way or it is hands off. We know the major reason you need to buy a robot mop is to reduce your input when it comes to mopping your house. This also incorporated how easy it is to maintain your machine.

Water Tank Capacity

We had to consider this factor to ensure that all the robots we have reviewed give you lengthy cleaning service before needing a refill. A good mopping robot should have a water capacity that is large enough to hold water that can clean sizeable room. Most robot mops have tanks with capacities ranging from 0.3-0.5 liters. This is enough to mop most average-sized houses. The larger the robot mop’s tank capacity, the better.

We looked at other factors such as design, convenience features, and so on but the above ones were the major factors.

Other Factors You Might Want To Look At Include:

HEPA Filtration

HEPA filters take harmful elements out of the air and hence considered unique. They are efficient and healthy, and since not all robot vacuums have them, you should take note of that.

Smart Phone Control

A robot mop that can be controlled by a smartphone is quite convenient. This is because if you forgot to schedule the cleaning, you could do it from wherever you are.

Carpet Boost

Some mops can distinguish between carpets and hard floor surface and will increase their power suction on carpets to offer a deep clean.

Suction Power

The ability of a robot mop to clean an area through suction is an important consideration. Before you buy a robot mop make sure it can serve all your cleaning Needs.

Cleaning Time Per Charge

The amount of time a robot mop can run on a single charge is key. The longer the running time, the more your house will get cleaned before the vacuum needs to be recharged.

Battery Type

The type of battery your robot mop has will dictate how much cleaning time you have per charge. Ni-MH batteries offer up to an hour of cleaning time, while lithium-ion batteries will give you a bit more time often up to two hours.

Charging Time

The amount of time it takes your robot mop to charge fully is important. Check how long it takes to charge its battery and how many charges it will take to clean your home.

Multi-Room Navigation

Before you make the purchase, you want to make sure that the vacuum mop will not be confined to one room. A robot mop should be able to navigate from one room to another during cleaning and be able to clean the entire floor.

Scheduling Capabilities

A robot mop should have a timer to allow you set cleaning schedules. This important because you can have your house cleaned every day, once a week or only at night without your supervision.


If you have a big house, it’s possible that your vacuum will not be able to do that on a single charge. Therefore, you need to purchase a robot vacuum that can detect when it’s low on battery and self-charge itself.

Now that you understand the criteria we used to narrow down our list, let’s now discuss the six best robot mops that made the cut!

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The iRobot 380t Robot Mop is our best choice because we fell it has ticked all the boxes that a standard moping robot should have. This small buddy has two cleaning modes; dry cleaning and wet mopping. It has two attachments at its base, a basic attachment meant for a duster cloth, and an attachment with a reservoir meant for wet mopping.

This small unit is charged via a cradle. The turbo charge takes around two hours. Unlike most robot mops, the iRobot 380t Robot Mop cannot be scheduled to clean when you are out; it needs some management. You have to fill it and set it to clean a specific area. Most people set it to dry mop an area first because it is quicker.
It cleans in a systematic way using a navigation cube as its reference. When it has finished mopping, it cleans around the edge of the house before stopping. If you need it to clean a large surface area, you need to use another navigation cube to help it reference its location.

To wet mop the floor, you need to change the fitting on its underneath surface to the one with a water reservoir. You also add a little cleaning solution if you want your floor to smell fresh after cleaning. In wet mop mode, the machine works in a similar manner, but this time, it makes small back and forth movements so it can clean up all the messes and dirty spots better. It is efficient in its movement and covers a wide area quickly and accurately.

iRobot Automatic MopWith a dry mop function, you can fit a disposable cloth, but there are spare clothes supplied that can be put in the washer if you don’t need to incur additional expenses. This machine has become very popular among many homeowners because it does a great job. You can easily clean your floors daily, and all you need to do is to fit the cloth and set it off. This is the reason we choose it as our number one robot mop.
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The Good

  • It has smart sensors that enable it to avoid stairs, raised transitions of the carpet, and area rugs
  • Has a perfect edge technology that allows it clean right along edges and walls, and around other obstacles in the house for a thorough clean
  • This small unit has rechargeable battery that cleans for up to three hours when fully charged, or for two hours when in wet mop mode
  • It is great for picking pet hair from your floor, and its whisper-quiet operation means it won’t disturb your pets
  • It sweeps and mops all hard floor surfaces
  • It is compact and easy to store
  • With just a single charge, this unit can clean a large surface
  • Has a compact size and thus can get into smaller spaces
  • It works quietly around your house
  • It is ideal for picking pet hair in your home
  • It is clever enough to avoid obstacles in the house

The Bad

  • It does not clean really clean the floors, more like an upkeep to keep them clean and dust free.
  • It might be annoying for perfectionist
  • This unit does not take itself back to base station for storage and recharge; you have to take it back manually
iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop
List Price: $299.00
Price: $249.99
You Save: $49.01
Price Disclaimer

This is our first dual robot mop and vacuum cleaner on this list. Not only does it benefit you as a vacuum cleaner but also as a wet mop cleaner. We are not going to talk about the vacuuming function of this unit because today we are talking about mopping robot. So, let’s get down to the details of this machine.

The ILIFE V5s Pro has a docking station where it gets recharged and is controlled by remote control. To use it as a robot mop, you have to remove the dirt bin and fix water tank in its place.
The mop attachment, which is included in this unit, should be attached to the base. You can dampen the cloth before placing it on the attachment so it can start mopping the floor immediately. The water tank drips water slowly to keep the cloth wet.

Although you can schedule this unit to act like a robot vacuum, you cannot schedule it to wet mop since water and electricity can mix which can be hazardous. This machine works in a random pattern and will do a great job. Some people may think that since it has a random cleaning pattern, this unit can miss some areas; however, it has a great memory and will cover all the areas.

iLife MopsIf you are looking for a robot mop that is easy to set up and one that may offer reliable cleaning service, then ILIFE V5s is a great option. It will help you get a quick mop. Its cleaning cloth can be cleaned in a washing machine. If you want a robot mop and vacuum, then ILIFE V5s will serve you right.
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The Good

  • It has an anti-collision system- with sensors all around it, this unit can detect furniture and other items in your home. When it comes to an obstacle, it turns to another direction on its own
  • Has an OBS Sensors- it has five IR receivers and one wall sensor on its body
  • 850pa strong suction that makes it effective in absorbing dust, hairs, and dirt from your floor
  • It runs quietly- it is quieter than most vacuum cleaners. Your pets won’t be disturbed by its sounds
  • Comes with a slim design (7mm) thereby allowing it to clean corners, underneath furniture items, and corners
  • Has an intelligent drop avoidance induction- the IR sensors at its bottom detects gaps such as staircases, which stop it from dropping
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Has a good battery life compared to most robot mops
  • Its water tank has a valve that regulates water flow
  • Has no motorized brush which means it requires little maintenance
  • Its low profile design means it can clean corners and under furniture easily
  • Has a decent suction that enables it to clean your floors thoroughly

The Bad

  • Lack of motorized brush means it cannot clean carpets
  • Comes with a small dirt bin that needs to be emptied regularly
  • Does not have a real mopping motion like the one found in iRobot 380t

One of the most striking things about eufy RoboVac 11+ is its height. It measures 1 2.8 by 12.8 by 3.2 inches, making it one of the smallest robot mops on the market. This means it can fit easily under your furniture.

Another great feature of this robot mop is the remote control. You can use it to set a cleaning schedule for automatic cleaning, but you can also set it off manually when you want it to spot-clean certain areas. It offers spot cleaning, max cleaning which is great for carpets, edge cleaning, and single room cleaning.

The eufy RoboVac 11+ has a decent battery life that can power it for approximately 1.5 hours. This means it can clean quite a sizeable surface area before it needs a recharge. When its battery runs down, it will head back to its docking station for a recharge.
It has powerful suction, with a max option that is great for carpets. Although not designed for pile carpets, this robot vacuum and mop does a great job on most carpets.

With two side brushes, two roller brushes underneath, and strong vacuum suction, eufy RoboVac does a great job cleaning any floor. It has a large dirt bin and features two-level filtration system- HEPA filter and a foam filter. This helps it remove dirt from the floor efficiently.

Best Automatic MopsIt recharges itself automatically and features infrared sensors which allow it to maneuver around obstacles easily. eufy RoboVac 11+ takes six hours to recharge fully. It also features drop-sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs.
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The Good

  • It cleans your home with a click of a button. With low profile design and versatile cleaning modes, RoboVac 11+ can clean under chairs and tables and on edges
  • Has a high-capacity li-on battery that can deliver over 1.5 hours of constant powerful suction
  • Features 3-points cleaning system. Has side brushes, a rolling brush, and powerful suction to ensure a thorough clean
  • It has anti-scratch glass cover for extra protection, drop-sensing tech to avoid falling, and infrared sensor to help it evade obstacles
  • It recharges automatically
  • It does not make noise when mopping
  • It features a drop sensor that protects it from falling
  • Has a HEPA filter that is to clean
  • It’s easy to set up
  • It can creep under cabinets thanks to its compact design

The Bad

  • Cannot work on rough floors
  • Has no Wi-Fi capabilities hence you cannot operate it remotely
  • Does not work effectively on high-pile carpets and dark flooring as it relies on infrared sensors
  • It has a long recharge time

The bObsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is designed to help pet owners keep their homes free of pet hairs. This powerful unit can remove pet hair better than most vacuums. It runs quietly and therefore cannot scare your pets or cause noise while cleaning. Its powerful motor is designed to help it pick up dust, dirt, pet fur, and hair efficiently, while also absorbing micro-particles from the air. It can do all that a regular vacuum bot can do such as sweeping and vacuuming on a schedule as well as sterilize and mop all hard floor surfaces.
With low-profile contouring, this vacuum mop can clean easily hard-to-reach areas. It contains an extra-long rotating brush, a side brush, infrared sensors, high-sensitivity dirt sensors, and edge sensors, which work together to clean all areas of your house. It also features three cleaning modes to provide the right level of clean. More unique features of bObsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop include a sterilizing UV lamp, a HEPA filter, a large user-friendly LCD, and a 3-layer filtration system. It also has an extra-large bin, which means you won’t need to empty it more often. This robot vacuum and mop also features onboard diagnostic and so it can self-check all its components to ensure they are in good shape.

Top Robot MopsIt comes complete with programmable schedule and remote control for easier usage. This unit can return to its docking station on its own. Coming at a reasonable price, this unit offers the best vacuum and mop combos. It comes in two colors and is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee as well as one-year warranty.
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The Good

  • Has a low profile body making it effective at cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your house. Its design also enables it to have maximum floor contact
  • Uses a lithium x amplified battery which has high capacity and can power it for up to one hour 15 minutes when fully charged
  • Features a 1000ML dustbin, which is one of the largest in the market. The dustbin features three layers of filtration which prevent small particles from escaping into the air
  • Comes with a remote control making it easier for one to control cleaning speeds and switch cleaning modes
  • It can sweep through walls, corners, and hard-to-reach areas
  • Its edge sensors detects edges and drops, thereby preventing it from falling
  • It is RoHS compatible
  • Has an automatic charging feature
  • It has a self-maintaining feature
  • Infrared sensors help it avoid and perceive objects in your home

The Bad

  • It finds it hard locating its base if there are many obstacles in the room
  • It’s time consuming to set up

The ECOVACS Deebot M80 has a vacuum cleaner alongside a mopping system. It has all the brushes to clean different floors and pick up all debris and dirt that is there.This cleaner is quite different when it comes to mopping function as its mopping attachment offer a wash and dry feature. The mop fitting has a water container that only wets one part of the pad meant to wash the floor while the second part of the pad dries the floor. This leaves your floor clean and dry without streaks.

Best Automated MopsThe ECOVACS Deebot M80 can be returned to its docking station via a remote control where it gets recharged. It has a full set of sensors to avoid falling off stairs. With different modes of cleaning patterns, you can clean different floors.
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The Good

  • Has 2-in-1 Cleaning- with the M80 Pro, you can mop and vacuum simultaneously
  • Versatility- this vacuum cleaner and mop is ideal for different floors and works well to pick pet hairs and allergens
  • Instant drying- this unique feature ensures floors are dried well after mopping
  • Voice-Activated Control- it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for easy remote operation
  • Wi-Fi- can be operated via Wi-Fi allowing you to control it from your smartphone
  • Offers a 5-stage cleaning system
  • Comes with different cleaning modes to cater for various cleaning needs
  • Has a large dust tank to hold debris
  • Operates quietly

The Bad

  • Has a long battery charging time

This robot mop combines a wet mop, dry mop, and vacuum to clean your floors exhaustively. It can also vacuum carpets with ease. This machine features three cleaning modes as well as three cleaning levels to ensure your floors are thoroughly cleaned to your specifications. With twin side brushes, a powerful suction motor, a larger suction brush, and a reusable mop, this machine can effectively clean different floors. The Smart Vision Mapping Technology enables it to identify dirty spots by mapping out an area and tracking its location.It also features a front bumper to protect your furniture and walls and also to detect obstacles in the way. You can set this small buddy for reservation or intensive cleaning modes, depending on your needs. This machine also has artificial intelligence voice guidance and can remind you when it needs maintenance. Its water tank can hold up to six oz. of water, which can supply moisture for approximately three hours. This microfiber robot mop can help protect delicate surfaces, reduce water usage, and quickly remove dirt.

Best Self Cleaning MopsIt offers a longer lifespan and high power output for a better value. With remote control and scheduling capabilities, this machine is easy to use. It can serve both as a vacuum and mop.
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The Good

  • It has 5-in-one cleaning technology that uses two side brushes, a main motorized brush, microfiber mop, suction, and moister from its water tank to clean floors
  • It has three cleaning modes including Hybrid, which combines moping and vacuuming, mop mode, and vacuum mode
  • It navigates using Smart Vision Mapping Technology that enables it to map out a room
  • Has three unique cleaning modes for deep cleaning on carpeted floors- deep cleaning mode, intensive cleaning, and double deep cleaning mode
  • Shadow cleaning modes allow this robot clean hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture
  • Uses a lithium ion battery
  • Has artificial intelligence voice guidance that tells you when this robot needs maintenance
  • You can schedule it to clean an hour after you set it
  • Can only be scheduled to clean at most once a day
  • Has a dual vacuum and mop function
  • Has a sizeable water tank that keeps its mop moist
  • Has different cleaning modes to cater for different cleaning needs
  • Its low profile body allows it to get under furniture without getting stuck
  • Uses lithium-ion battery for longevity

The Bad

  • It’s quite noisy as compared to most robot mops
  • Has a small dirt bin
  • Struggles to transit between tile and hardwood floors
  • Despite its unique navigation system, it sometimes get stuck underneath tables and chairs

Bottom Line

Robot mops save you a lot of time and keep your floor clean and free from stains. Shopping for the best robot vacuums can be a hustle, but this review on the best robot mops as well as our buying guide will help you the best robot mop for your home. If you are aiming for a stress-free life, with no worries about house cleaning, get any of the above-discussed vacuums, and you won’t regret.

Remember, if you don’t have a cleaner, go for a robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function. If you already have one, just buy a robot mop, and you are good to go.