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The Best 6 Window Cleaning Robots 2018
Hands down the "Alfawise Window Cleaning Robot" has to be the best bang for your buck!

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The Best Window Cleaning Robots

Freshly Updated On April 11th, 2018 at 3:58 am

Robot window cleaners make it easy for you to clean windows outdoors and indoors, including those that are in dangerous locations. A window cleaning robot cleans windows from edge to edge and alerts you when it’s done.

We spent more than 20 hours on research, checking more than 15 window cleaning robots to know their strengths and weakness. After checking expert reviews and customer reviews as well as specs and features of each window cleaning robot, we have narrowed down to six best robots for cleaning windows. These robots can restore shine and clarity to panes of any sizes in almost any location. Whether you intend to maintain the shine on skyscrapers or to make your shower mirror sparkle, these robots will do exceptional work.

They combine window cleaning technology with automated movement, and they usually stick to panes using motor-powered pressure. When placed on a window pane, they map it out and automatically clean windows from edge to edge, thereby allowing you clean out-of-reach windows.

While most window cleaning robots offer similar general features, some provide different cleaning methods, functions, and height restriction, some are just better than others like everything else!

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How To Choose The Best Window Cleaning Robot 2018
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Are Robot Window Washers Useful?
In case your home or office has large window panes, investing in a robot window cleaner will provide obvious benefits. Imagine you need to clean a window pane on a 12 ft. wall? It is very risky. Not only can these innovative devices clean your windows excellently, but can also protect you from hazardous and dangerous situations.
Most of the times, window cleaning robots features microfiber pad that can clean window panes with great efficiency. Before placing your robot on a window pane, many allow you to spray the micro-fiber pads with cleaning solutions. This ensures streak-free cleaning thereby leaving your windows shiny and striking.

To Clean Extra Tall Windows

For standard-sized windows in accessible areas, most window cleaning can be down at little risk using a magnetic window cleaner or manually washing using a microfiber clothing. However, if your windows are very high and in a difficult-to-reach location, a window washing robot can save you a lot of risks.

To Clean Large Or Wide Windows

Additionally, if your windows have a wide span of glass, cleaning them from a ladder may be impossible as you will have no hard surface to lean your ladder on. You may need to construct and rent scaffolding to wash your wide panes of glass manually.

Now that you are aware of their benefits, how do you choose a quality robot window cleaner?
We have compiled a simple guide to help you choose the most suitable window cleaning robot for your home or office.

To help you out, we have named a few of the most important features you should consider when looking to buy a window cleaning robot below.

Battery Life

Most window washing robots have a short battery life that only allows them to clean for a short time. This may mean offering you a cleaning service of 15-30 minutes depending on the model. If you have wide window panes, you may need to invest in a robot window cleaner that has longer battery life. However, models with longer battery life usually cost more.

Magnetic or Suction Connectivity

There are two main connectivities when it comes to robot window cleaners; motor-powered suction and magnetic connectivity. Magnetic connectivity usually requires one to attach a magnetic piece on the opposite side of your window, which may be challenging in some cases. On the other hand, motor-powered suction is more convenient as you only need to place the robot window cleaner on the window. However, this connection might sometimes fail, and therefore you need to fit a safety cord to your robot to prevent it from falling.

Remote Controls and Automated Cleaning

Window cleaning robots come with both remote controls and automated cleaning options. While not all have both, automation gives you the convenience of sitting while the robot does the work. A remote control allows you to move the robot around the window. Some models feature both control options for versatility thereby allowing you to choose.

Spare parts

As with any machinery, you will need spare parts such as cleaning pads. It is, therefore, recommendable to choose a robot model whose spare parts are readily available or those that accept generic replaceable.

Power cord length

Most robot window cleaner models come with power cords connected to them; it is important to ensure the cord is long enough to cover all your cleaning needs. Most of these cleaners come with at least 15 ft. of cable, and some even have extensions included in their bundle.

Remote control and scheduled cleanings

With most robot cleaners on the market today, you can schedule cleaning at any time of the day. It’s however not a very good idea and even dangerous to schedule cleaning when you are not in the house. This is because these robot window cleaners are human-made hence not 100% secure. It is highly recommended that someone be present as cleaning is taking place. Since most of these robots come with remote controls, you can guide the cleaner exactly where you want it.

Windows shape

Some windows for example small ones, circular or unusually designed windows are not suitable to use robots for cleaning. The ideal windows to use a robot cleaner on are large windows and square ones.

Glass thickness

Most robot cleaner models only clean windows in a specific range of glass thickness. Before you go shopping for a robot window cleaner, it is advisable that you first get an estimate of your windows thickness so that you can buy one that matches your specifications. A robot with different specifications as your window could be a disadvantage as it could generate less pressure or too much pressure.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the top six window cleaning robots that made the cut!

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With Alfawise Window Cleaning Robot, you have a home-maintenance friend that will make your life a little easier. This window cleaning robot eliminates the need for using climbing tall ladders and window cleaning company. This robot cleaner plugs into an a/c outlet for continual cleaning power. It also has a backup battery that allows it to continue cleaning in case of power outage. With a safety rope, you can be assured that this robot will not hit the flow in case its battery runs out.

You can control this robot cleaner with remote control, which has directional arrows and a power button. It has a high-quality absorbent pad that leaves you with a crystal-clear, streak-free window as it smartly avoids frames while moving in Z-shaped routes. Besides cleaning window panes and making them shine, it can clean your countertops and hard-surface floors.

Setting up the Alfawise Window Cleaning Robot takes a few minutes. You will need to simply connect the input jack to this robot and secure it with screws. From there, screw the four-meter extension cord to the output jack to maximize the gadget’s reach.
After that, you only need to plug the power cord into an electrical outlet, and the robot will be ready to start the work. It has elastic bands on its absorbent, durable cleaning pads that makes it a breeze to snap on each of the robot’s wheels. Spray your preferred window-cleaning solution on the glass surfaces you are cleaning and attach the safety rope to this robot.

You can either power the robot window cleaner by pressing the power button or use remote control. Since glass surfaces do not interfere with the signal to the robot window cleaner, you can control this gadget from the comfort of your couch or while relaxing on the patio. Its remote has three buttons and four directional buttons that allow one to change the unit’s Z-path with just a touch.

alfawise window cleaning robotYou don’t have to worry about this robot falling off a glass surface thanks to its potent magnets. Alfawise Window Cleaning Robot will never damage your frames because it is designed to detect any obstacles automatically. In case of power outage, its lithium-cell battery provides half-an-hour worth of cleaning time thereby preventing interruptions and drops. However, you can add more safety by attaching a safety rope to the unit.
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The Good

  • It has a powerful motor suction for safety and better cleaning
  • Can be controlled using a remote control
  • Features an AI technology
  • Has a UPS system thanks to its backup battery
  • Has APP control
  • Anti-dropping algorithm
  • It takes this model about four minutes per square meter to fully clean your glass surfaces
  • You can start the device and also pause it as well. This is a great feature that allows you to stop it whenever you find fit
  • It cannot damage window frames
  • This robot is very versatile as you can use it to clean not only windows but also floors and countertops as well. You just need to make sure the surfaces are wet before using this robot on them
  • This window cleaner comes with an extension cord and a safety rope
  • It comes with a backup battery that will help your robot stay on the window surface for about 30-minutes without falling if it runs out of power

The Bad

  • Might leave circle marks
  • Its been told that the customer service is not top quality

Specifically designed to clean framed glass surfaces, mirrors, windows, and doors, the ECOVACS WINBOT W710 is easy to use and cleans exemplary well. As a predecessor to the Ecovacs Winbot W730 which was designed to clean frameless glass surfaces, W710 has a powerful suction port, wiping pads aft and fore, as well as rubber skid-less treads. You just need to plug into a standard alternating current outlet, set it on the window, and let it do the magic. With a dual suction ring, safety pod and tether, a powerful motor with a backup battery, the ECOVACS WINBOT W710 can clean windows even past the second floor.

In terms of design, ECOVACS WINBOT W710 is an eye-catcher and attracts a lot of attention with its square form. Although a relatively new product on the market, W710 has managed to compete with some of the renowned brands that had dominated the robot window cleaner industry. After seeing it in action, you are probably going to know why we rank it as the best robot window washer in 2018.

Its lovely colored covering with some light orange tone make it not only attractive but also unique and elegant. Thanks to its great quality, W710 keeps its color for a long time and will not fade.

If you clean your glass surfaces with a glass cleaner and a kitchen towel, often small bits of paper and streams will remain on the surface. However, this problem will be eliminated by ECOVACS WINBOT W710 as it comes with two microfiber cloths that are highly absorbent and not fuzzy. The front microfiber cloth dissolves the dirt on the glass surface and immediately absorbs it ensuring that even the smallest particles and stubborn dirt are removed.
The backcloth dries the remaining moisture to remove streak. The result will be pleasing. You will have attractive, clean windows that will reflect sun rays. This innovative machine does this work in a quiet and quick manner. To be precise, this window cleaning robot works speedily with 0.15m/s and runs quietly. It doesn’t leave streams, streak, or other cleaning marks behind.

As ECOVACS WINBOT W710 has to be connected to electricity, it is ideal for high, large window fronts. On a full charge, this window cleaner robot will clean an entire window. You can use it to clean shop fronts, office building glass surfaces, and showrooms windows.
It is worth noting that you can only use this robot cleaner for windows with a frame, if you have frameless windows, this is not an ideal device to use.

For safety reasons, this robot comes with a safety rope that should be attached to it to prevent it from falling in cases it loses its grip. The safety rope provides additional support.

Window Cleaning RobotsShould ECOVACS WINBOT W710 experience a hitch, it stops its cleaning and gives you a signal by making a warning light. In case the power supply of this robot is interrupted, this robot will remain on the glass surface for about 30 minutes thanks to its safety battery.

Winbot W710 is real eye-catcher- it will be the talking point in the neighborhood.

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The Good

  • It has a 3-stage cleaning process- the core of W710 is a 3-stage cleaning process. It replicates the process washing windows manually- starting with spraying cleaning solution, followed by the squeegee effect, and finally cleaning pad dries the window to remove line and steaks
  • Has an advanced suction- it can be precarious to have such an expensive device like W710 attached to a window pane via suction, but this gadget has a powerful suction that keeps it attached to a window. You can use it beyond your first flow, and thanks to its additional suction safety rope, you will have peace of mind even if it is cleaning top-most windows
  • Real-time error reading- the ECOVACS WINBOT W710 displays error messages on its display interface. This saves you a lot of hassles of diagnosing and troubleshooting problems. By flashing lights, you will know the status of the gadget. In case of any problem, it will produce an alarm sound and stop in place
  • Automatic Cleaning Path- one of the most outstanding things about W710 is that it will map out your window panes to identify the best cleaning path and then auto-navigate while cleaning even the edges. Using patented laser technology, this device plot the glass surface and determines the best cleaning path based on its initial mapping. However, once in a while, this device has some difficulty mapping out large or odd-shaped windows. However, using a manual assist override, you can re-position this device to a better point
  • Does not need a magnet to attach to glass surfaces
  • Has a long battery runtime and thus will clean large window panes
  • It operates very quietly, and you will hardly hear it. It has a rating of 55 dB
  • Has no restrictions regarding the thickness of the window

The Bad

  • It does not clean really clean the floors, more like an upkeep to keep them clean and dust free.
  • It might be annoying for perfectionist
  • This unit does not take itself back to base station for storage and recharge; you have to take it back manually

This window cleaning robot features a black and white design. You can easily power it on with a start button located on its front part. It features a unique Smart Move Navigation technology that enables it better clean your windows. With this feature, this window cleaning robot can spray, power itself on, and start cleaning on its own. It takes around three minutes for this window robot cleaner to clean one square meter.

At the core of Cop, Rose X4 Robot Window Cleaner is a vacuum motor meant for creating a vacuum through two ports under its two microfiber pads. The microfiber pads then rotate slowly as the robot cleans the windows. Beneath the two microfiber pads attached to this window cleaning robot are a couple of motors that make the pads move and rotate. The pads rotate slowly meaning that this gadget will not only clean fresh stains but also caked on stains.

When using this robot cleaner, ensure that you avoid high humidity areas such as steam-filled bathroom windows as it will affect the way this robot sticks on vertical planes.
Its microfiber pads are not fluffy enough so they cannot clean a large area. However, they will do a great job when it comes to cleaning the small areas they are set to clean. For better results, use this machine as a maintenance cleaner rather than the main cleaner; it will keep your windows sparkling clean.

Its manufacturer comes with twelve extra pads, all of which are washable, and so you can have a fresh set while waiting for the others to dry.

Automatic Window CleaningTo protect Cop Rose X4 robot from falling off while working on a vertical plane, manufacturers offer a bungee cord that you tie on this robot and clip it on a solid object. The bungee cord is approximate 14.7 ft. or 176 inches long. It is important to tie this cord on the robot to protect this machine from crashing on the floor in case it accidentally falls off.
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The Good

  • You can use this cleaning tool to clean any vertical window surface
  • This robot window cleaner comes with a microcomputer control allowing you to control it
  • You can also use it on painted surface, mirrors, tile, or hardwood surfaces
  • You can operate this robot via Bluetooth or through an App recommended by its manufacturer
  • This robot will automatically stop itself from completing its assigned work. This helps prevent from working continuously
  • It works with different window types including framed and frameless ones
  • It comes with twelve washable microfiber cleaning cloths meaning you can reuse them over and over again
  • This robot is highly versatile; it will not only clean windows but also other surfaces such as floors
  • It comes with an extension cord, safety rope, battery, remote control, and a manual. The bungee safety rope included prevent it from crashing on the floor in case it falls off the window, which could end up causing damages and injuries if it does

The Bad

  • There has been complaints of it falling off the windows

The Winbot 730 is a window cleaning robot that has a two-step cleaning process and does a great job of making your windows sparkle. It has a motor-powered suction system that allows this window washing robot to stick to any glass surface including mirrors, glass doors, and tall multi-story windows. However, this suction system also ensures that this robot does not work on concave windows because it cannot create a good seal. While it does not run on batteries, this robot cleaner comes with extension cords of varying lengths allowing you to clean windows in different heights. It comes with a squeegee for drying windows and two cleaning pads. While its motor-induced suction may fail at one point, you are given a safety line to prevent it from crashing on the floor.

This robotic window cleaner immediately sticks to the window surface you place it on and then starts cleaning after you power it on. It uses a three-stage cleaning process with cleaning fluid and cleaning pads to wipe off dirt and stains and a squeegee to dry the surface to eliminate streaks. It then wipes the surface with a clean pad leaving your windows sparkling clean. The three-phase cleaning process mimics the usual cleaning process that human cleaners use. However, ensure that the cleaning pads are clean to avoid leaving streaks.
While this window cleaning robot cleans large windows, it does not clean windows that are smaller than 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide. This is because its sensors allow it to map at least that far before it stops working.

It has automatic sensors that allow it to detect window edges and edgeless windows so that it cleans to the end of your window and no further. You can control using a remote control and steer it as needed. Its battery can last for about 15 minutes making it possible to clean up to six large-sized windows.

Window Cleaning MachineWhen it finishes, this robot window cleaner plays a tune to notify you. You can turn its suction off by flipping its switch so that you can remove it from the window. Because this robot returns to the area, it originally started, and therefore you can use it on tall windows that are difficult to reach as it will return to a place where you can access it.
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The Good

  • One-touch cleaning- while it is not always set-it and forget it, this robot comes pretty close to a hands-free solution. If you have lots of hard-to-reach windows, Winbot 730 can be a great time and cost saver
  • Remote control option- if this gadget needs to clean a specific dirty sport or gets stuck, you can control it with a remote control that comes included in its packaging. Because technology sometimes fails, this is a great backup especially when you want to guide your robot to clean corners of windows that had not been cleaned in a while
  • Good safety precautions- it is important to have peace of mind when using this expensive gadget. The last thing you would want is to see this robot falling off from your window panes. While it has a strong suction surface that keeps it glued on the glass surface it is cleaning; its manufacturer offers a safety rod that you attach to the robot to prevent it from crashing on the floor in case it accidentally detaches from the window surface it’s working on
  • Quiet operation- this device operates quietly; you can barely hear it cleaning a window surface on the outside if you are inside the house.
    Pros of Winbot 730
  • The sides of this robot are made of soft rubber, and so this robot will not damage your window frames
  • It can clean outside and inside windows making it convenient
  • The Winbot 730 will leave your windows spotless and clean
  • It is maintenance-free

The Bad

  • There has been many reports on it actually breaking panes of glass.

This robot window cleaner is ideal to use with frameless and tall windows. It has a square shape and comes with a black and white design. Its power button is located on the front where also the Battery and Ready light indicators are situated to help you know the current status of this gadget. This model can clean in a linear pattern and takes around 2.4 minutes to clean one-square-meter.

This robot window cleaner is most suited for cleaning windows in tall buildings. This unit has two cleaning modes both of which are highly efficient. What makes it unique and different from other window cleaning robot is its anti-drop design.
This device is easy to carry thanks to its small design. It is equipped with laser sensors to help it map an area before cleaning and intelligent sensors to help clean an area by itself. This unit features intelligent pressure sensors that can monitor the pressure condition of the area it’s cleaning. Besides, this unit can be operated using a remote control meaning you can easily guide it to clean specific areas.

Self Cleaning WindowsCop Rose x6 robot window cleaner helps you clean your windows and other glass surfaces without any risk. Previously, such products used to attach to window surfaces with magnets, but x6 smart robot window cleaner fixes itself to the surface using a vacuum pump. This device is also battery and power operating giving you a continuous cleaning experience.
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The Good

  • It features two cleaning modes
  • Features battery and ready light indicators on its front surface
  • It features intelligent pressure sensors to monitor pressure conditions in real time
  • It attaches to the window surface using a vacuum pump
  • The unit is both power and battery operated
  • The device is very versatile as it can clean both windows and tiles surface
  • It features a safety rope to prevent it from falling off
  • It comes with four cleaning cloths, a remote control, and short and long hair mop cloths
  • It features a built-in laser sensor that helps it map out the areas it need to clean

The Bad

  • May leave streaks
  • Heavey and cumbersome

The Hobot 198 is an environmentally-friendly robot window cleaner that can also be used to clean flat glass surfaces. It uses motor-powered suction that makes it attach to the glass surface it’s cleaning. With an anti-dropping technology, this unit cannot fall in the event of power outage. This smart unit offers multiple cleaning modes for enhanced user control.It has no maximum thickness restriction as it is single-sided, and so you can clean any window surface with more than 3mm thickness. It features an internal battery pack that you can charge using the included cable. You can also plug it into an outlet using the provided power cord and clean your surface while it charges. An LED orange indicator notifies you that it’s connected to power while green indicator shows you the battery is full.

Window Cleaning RobotFor increased versatility, this device has multiple automatic modes that you can adjust or program using the included remote control and manual option. It uses microfiber cleaning pads included are machine washable, negating the need to buy new pads on a regular basis.
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The Good

  • Uses AI-technology
  • Can clean any window surfaces with thickness exceeding 3mm
  • Features three cleaning modes for automatic cleaning of glass surfaces
  • You can control it via a remote or smartphone
  • Has anti-dropping technology to prevent it from falling
  • Can run on power or batteries thereby giving you continuous cleaning service
  • It’s highly versatile as it can clean various surfaces
  • Uses microfiber cleaning pads for greater efficiency

The Bad

Hobot 198 Glass Cleaning Robot
List Price: $448.99
Price: $448.99
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Bottom Line

If cleaning your office or home windows puts you at risk, it is advisable to consider a window cleaning robot. With a safety harness and extension cords, you will be able to enjoy streak free windows with your safety still intact.

All the above six window cleaning robots have been tested and proven to be effective. We hope that our review has helped you identify the best window cleaning robot for your cleaning needs.