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Drone pilots are quite fortunate to have a range of options that they can pick from, and one of them is the BLADE Nano QX
This is a great drone that has a wide range of unique features to satisfy your thirst if you are a hobby drone pilot. From enthusiasts and beginners to veterans and pros, this drone can be used by anyone.

Blade Nano Qx Review

Drone pilots are quite fortunate to have a range of options that they can pick from, and one of them is Blade Nano QX. This is a great drone that has a wide range of unique features to satisfy your thirst if you are a hobby drone pilot. From enthusiasts and beginners to veterans and pros, this drone can be used by anyone.

This quadcopter is simple and easy to fly; you will have a lot of fun flying the Blade Nano QX. Designed to be flown indoors, this affordable drone is stable enough for newbies but agile enough for veterans. Its solid construction and unique design make it withstand crashes and knocks. The Blade Nano QX is a great pick for beginners drone pilots who want to get a feel of flying a quadcopter.

As a user, you will get an opportunity to access more advanced features, and this makes you a pro in flying a drone. The best part of all this is that it will not leave a hole in your pocket, despite all the amazing features it packs since it comes at an affordable price.

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Designed to be flown indoors due to its small size, Nano QX packs a lot of technology that lets beginners learn to fly a quadcopter.

The Nano QX is an outstanding quadcopter with unique features that will engage both quadcopter beginners and veterans. This excellent quadcopter has great maneuverability and is lightweight. Unlike most toy-grade quadcopters on the market that are built with low-quality materials, the build quality of this quadcopter is top class making it ideal to fly in any indoor environment. With a SAFE mode, you can control this machine even in tight spaces thereby enabling newbies fly it at ease. The safe mode uses a three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyro. It also has an advanced mode to allow experienced flyers make full use of this machine. This mode has three-axis gyro that allows you to perform fast-forward flights and flips.

Blade Nano QX

The prop guards safeguard propellers and allow one to bounce off the walls. This allows beginners drones pilot not be afraid of damaging their new little aircraft. Besides, its solid construction eliminates the fear of crashing this quadcopter.

In-depth Analysis of Blade Nano QX

Design and Durability

The BLADE Nano QX is a small fly model that comes fully assembled; therefore, all you need to do to get them flying is to fit the batteries after charging them. Its manufacturer opted to go with a simple design which is majorly highlighted by the frame. With a printed circuit board and a single piece of plastic, this is truly a simple drone. The canopy clips at the top while the battery fits securely underneath it.

One notable thing is the inclusion of prop guards- small plastics extending from the fame beyond the rotating propellers. This means that if you fly this drone near a wall or an obstacle, these guards will protect the fast-rotating propeller blades from getting damaged and damaging whatever you hit. However, they are not foolproof; if it flips over and crash heavily or hit something hard, the blades can get damaged. Also, these protective guards will be of no use if you decide to put your finger between the blades when they are rotating. Although you will not lose a finger, your quadcopter will instantly stop. The prop guards come in handy in case you fly this drone sideways into an obstacle, (as you will certainly will).

The frame is majorly made of light plastic which is compact enough to enable it withstand crashes. Measuring 7.2 by 6.3 by 2.5 inches, and weighing 8.8 oz., this quadcopter is quite suitable for any beginner drone pilot.

For a beginner, you are most likely looking for a quad that you can easily repair since you will be crashing it and hitting obstacles quite often. For Blade Nano QX, you are provided with four spare rotor blades for replacement in case the fitted ones crash; blades are the more vulnerable to crashes, and therefore you will find the four spare rotor blades provided handy. You are also provided with a spare canopy which is easy to changeover during a repair. Replacing both the rotor blades and the canopy is quite easy since the blades can easily be pulled off from this quad and slipped back in while the canopy snaps back into place.

Also, considering that this drone is quite affordable, you can order other spare parts when purchasing it to avoid the hassles in the event of damage or serious crash.

Flight Performance
The best thing with Nano QX is that it can be used by both beginners and veterans. You can zip around or climb up at decent speeds. You will be amazed by the precision its control offers and how the drone responds quickly and swiftly to commands. However, as a beginner flyer, you will need some practice to get used to the controller.

Just remember that you will need to place the drone on a flat surface after connecting the battery for your quadcopter to take off. It won’t take off until it senses it is on solid ground. Once you see the LED light that was flashing after inserting the battery has turned a solid blue, you can take off.

As mentioned above, the Nano QX has SAFE technology which makes the drone hover in case you fail to touch the controls for a while. This will prevent your drone from crashing in case you accidentally release the controls; something that normally happens to newbies.

With a controller range of 40 feet, this drone is adequate for indoor flying. Its lightweight nature makes it unsuitable for outdoor flights as it can be blown away by the slightest breeze.

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As a user, you will get an opportunity to access more advanced features, and this makes you a pro in flying a drone.

The best part of all this is that it will not leave a hole in your pocket, despite all the amazing features it packs since it comes at an affordable price.

Battery and Flight Time

This quadcopter comes with a 150 mAh capacity that provides about 7-8 minutes of flight time depending on your aggressiveness. You should buy a few spare batteries if you want to have more fun with this quadcopter; this will ensure you get longer flight times.

Ensure to initialize the battery that is plugged in while the quadcopter is on a level surface; you may need to apply trim to get a flat, level surface.

There are flashing red and blue LED lights fitted on this quad to indicate low voltage cut off. When you see these flashes, be sure to land quickly to prevent your quadcopter from falling and crushing. Do not fly your model when your batteries are low; otherwise, discharging them past this point will ruin them, and it might not work again.

Flying Nano QX is fun; it can turn and climb at ease, zipping around at decent speeds; the company has specified the maximum speed it can clock. It reacts quickly to the controls, and therefore you can achieve a quite precise flying time once you get used to its controls. When you first insert the batteries, the blue LED light on this drone will blink until you place it down on a flat, level surface. After it detects it’s on a flat level, the LED light turns solid blue, and you can now kick on the throttle and start taking off. The Blade Nano QX uses this level detection, which it calls SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope), to hover when you are using the controls. However, this SAFE mode won’t save you if you let this quadcopter zoom out of sight. You can disable SAFE by pressing down the left stick. However, unless you are an expert flier, it’s best to leave it turned on.

The included remote control offers a range of about 40 feet, which is quite great for a small quadcopter designed for indoor flying. This quad has its downsides as well; while it’s lightweight design makes it maneuverable and zippy, it also means it is easily propelled off course, making it challenging to fly even when there is a slight breeze in a room. Therefore, ensure to fly this ultra-light quadcopter strictly indoors

blade nano qx review



This quadcopter uses a two-stick remote controller that is styled to look like an Xbox controller. Its sizeable design enables it fits nicely in the hands, with its sticks falling well under the thumbs. The aileron control that tilts the Nano QX right and left is located on the left stick while the rudder is on the right. The throttle control, for ascending and descending the drone, and elevator control, which moves the drone left and right, can be switched interchangeably up and down of the two sticks, depending on preferences.

You only need a little force to move this drone and is a lot more sensitive to its controller; therefore use it carefully to avoid spiraling away your new quadcopter. Between the two sticks is a power switch for turning the controller on or off. There are also several buttons on the stick that allows you to trim the stick to fine-tune their sensitivity. Its remote uses four AA batteries.

Features and Benefits of Blade Nano QX

Agility/Stability Flight Modes
The Stability Mode of this quadcopter gives you enough support through the SAFE system. If you let go of the controller joystick while on a flight, the SAFE system will prevent your drone from crashing by keeping it hovering. However, there is no return home feature with Blade Nano QX, but the SAFE system offers enough stability so that even newbies can land this drone safely.

Agility mode is meant for intermediate pilots who intend to fly at fast speeds. It gives one higher maneuverability and freedom to control Blade Nano QX fully. There is no SAFE system in this mode, and thus you are at a greater risk of crashing your model plane if you make even the slightest mistake.

Safe Technology System
SAFE provides amateur quadcopter pilots with flying support while they learn how to improve their piloting skills. It prevents one from crashing their quadcopter if you happen to release the controller mid-flight.
It Offers an Average Flight Time of 7-10 Minutes
Although the flight time offered by this quad is not outstanding, you can purchase a few extra batteries and have them charged so that you can enjoy long hours of flight time fun.

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Blade Nano Qx

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Uses a 150 MAh Li-Po Battery That Can Be Recharged With a USB Charger
Like all modern drones in the marketplace, Blade Nano QX uses a battery tech accomplished through Li-Po technology, which is more efficient than NiMH and NiCD batteries. The battery takes 30-40 minutes to recharge and offers a flight time of 7-10 minutes.
It’s Lightweight and Has Rugged Build Quality
Practicing and honing your skills with Blade Nano QX is made possible thanks to its solid construction and safety features such as prop guards which protect the blades from getting damaged. Even if you break the rotor blades during a serious crash, there are four space blades provided as part of the packaging.