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Cheap Drones For Beginners

Freshly Updated On February 8th, 2018 at 1:29 am

Are you a beginner? Are you looking for an amazing cheap beginner drone that will cost you less but performs professional maneuvers? If yes then worry not since in our exploration we are going to look in details the best cheap drones for Beginners.

It’s a fact as birthdays and holidays comes and go, a good number of consumers are out there in the market looking for cheap drones and importantly enjoying the great and plentiful offers that are being given. Numerous manufacturers have devoted their time to flock the market with some of the cheapest but highly performing drones and indeed many are very exciting models. Importantly, many companies have made it their duty to manufacture cheap drones that can be afforded by almost anyone who wants to get a drone for his holiday or birthday. The available drones below don’t cost too much, just depends on the type you prefer. Why not join the community and follow a large number of consumers have been thrilled to learn how to dip, hover and land the amazing drones.

On that note, let’s look at the top 5 Cheap Drones for Beginners (Under $300).

Top 3 Cheap Drones For Beginners

Image About & Top Features Range Camera Listing
  • Durable because of its hard and rigid material that it’s made of
  • Altitude hold mode makes it easy to fly
  • Can work both in both outdoor and indoor, perfect for flying anything of the day
300 Ft. (100 Meters) 720p HD Camera
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  • Has excellent camera features that allow you to take videos and photos of your wonderful moments
  • Controls that are easy to control and very straightforward
  • Comes with a reasonable price and a great quality
500 Ft. (150 Meters) 720p HD Camera
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  • Fairly cheap comapred to some of the others cheap drones with all the features
  • Easy to control as a result of the good controls and a remote that is very easy to hold and function
  • Easiest to learn and to fly and importantly set up.
500 Ft. (150 Meters) No
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The Best Cheap Drone

The Altair Aerial AA108 is one the newest drone on the market but does tremendous things when it comes to its performance. This a perfect all-skill-levels drone that is majorly focused on providing a nice experience particularly for the first time users. Additionally, the drone comes with a great price, you could drop this one in the lake and I’m thinking you’re not going to cry over it, maybe the kid though! The drone has a headless mode function that is very useful when it comes to kids and beginners and importantly flies easily due to the fact that it has an altitude hold mode, where she just hovers. If you’re looking for an affordable drone, this the best one to start as a drone pilot. The Altair Aerial AA108 Drone will cost you less and give you an excellent performance.

When it comes to Durability, the Altair Aerial AA108 Drone is one of the “long-lasting” machines with its quality plastic. In case of an accident, this cheap drone doesn’t break easily. Its stability is another amazing thing when it’s in the air. The device normally has three modes that you can switch between as you fly high in the air. The flight modes are 1 for a mere beginner, 2 for an intermediate and 3 for experienced and advanced flyers. This machine gives you a long flight of about 10 minutes and a range of 100 meters. This is indeed an awesome deal for an all-ages, real solid drone.


This drone offers you a one button take-off and landing, which is an ideal option for any pilot who’s just starting out. Plus Altair Aerial AA108 Drone comes with an additional battery so that you can get double the flight time. The device comes with an instruction book that guides you on how to deal with everything including issues and challenges. The book is well indexed too so that you can easily find a particular issue at a specific place. A 720p HD Camera is also equipped on this baby, enjoy taking great shots with this cheap drone.

The AA108 is designed to work both outdoors and indoors, in the indoors you could just drive it straight into the wall and this thing would be fine! You can enjoy manual take-off and landing using a joystick and crucially the flying in First-person novelty using the app.

Perfect For The Begginers!

From the manual, you can get everything you need in for the Altair Aerial AA108 is concerned, from the functions of all the parts to creating a connection and even how to fly the dam thing. However, sometimes the manual is almost not necessary since the controls are conveniently laid out, making it a perfect choice for those who have never flown a drone before. A combination of low price, quality pictures and videos that can be viewed from while flying with the app, and the easy to use controls make the Altair Aerial AA108 an ideal option for any beginner or kid who has not had the experience before. If you have any question, concern or issue with this cheap drone, the customer service is apparently great with these guys and you get results fast!

The customer service with these guys is great, they are always ready and willing to help you with any problems you might encounter.


  • Durable because of its hard and rigid material that it’s made of
  • Altitude hold mode makes it easy to fly
  • Can work both in both outdoor and indoor, perfect for flying anything of the day
  • Comes with an extra battery to double the flight time


  • The drone has a low capacity in terms of memory storage, this makes it unideal to store long videos
  • Prolonged use of the drone drains the battery real fast

  • FlyingSee App for the purpose of FPV flight in the real time. The app is by UDI RC.
  • It ranges goes up to 300 meters
  • Flight time of 8-10 minutes
  • 1 touch landing and take-off. This is provided by the one-touch button in the drone
  • Three levels flight skills which you can easily transition between- this makes an ideal cheap drone for the beginners
  • Super easy to use headless Mode for Novice Pilots

Best Cheap Drones

In The Second Place

This is another awesome choice of cheap drone that won’t break your bank but comes with some of the best features that anyone can like. Importantly, the U818 is actually an updated version of the DROCON’s U818 and it’s an ideal option for the beginners. The drone and be easy controlled using one hand, impressive! Additionally, the drone has an improved hovering mode feature which the outdated version did not have.

In terms of durability, the device has incredible prop guards and longer landings gears which helps. This is actually a feature that is very significant for the beginners since that it’s obvious that you will crash the drone several times as a beginner. For that reason, we always recommended that you take a cheap drone that can withstand a number of hits.

Drocon U818 PLus Quadcopter

One of the best features of DROCON U818 compared to many of the competitors is, its long-lasting battery. The battery can last up to 15 minutes which is not a normal thing for most of the beginners’ drones. It might not sound impressive to some of the experienced flyers but a good deal that any beginner should go for. This feature is really great is the main reason why U818 should actually be at the top of this list compared to many of the other models, longer flight time with less charging.

Features and details

The DROCON U818 comes with an updated smartphone App-FlyingSee. The app works both on Android and IOS systems, with an operational channel guide. Its altitude hold mode brings about an easy flight, headless mode helps in avoiding confusion about the direction, the out of range low battery alarm aids in avoiding the loss of contact. The drone has an intelligent operational and importantly one button landing/take off and emergency stop. Some of the upgraded equipment in this cheap drone include A 1000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, 720 HD Camera with an angle of 120 Degree wide and importantly ergonomic designed Remote Control. It’s also equipped with landing gears that are lingered for the purpose of stability and more professional to get videos and pictures. The custom fight route mode is another great feature that has made this drone one of the top cheap beginner’s drones. What you only need to do is to draw a flight line on the mobile screen and the drone will just fly according to the flight line.

Drocon U818
The controls are easy with the altitude hold mode. You have in one way or another seen some drones that drift away very easily, with the U818, this is not the case. The machine is trouble-free and equipped with an improved barometer that is very important for stable flight and accurate altitude holding. With this feature, even beginners are in a position of piloting excellently.


  • Has excellent camera features that allow you to take videos and photos of your wonderful moments
  • Controls that are easy to control and very straightforward
  • Comes with a reasonable price and a great quality


  • Flight balance state needs to be practiced several times
  • Prolonged use of the drone’s battery makes it run out of charge quickly.

  • Real-time transmission WIFI for incredible vision. This allows you to have total control over it and importantly take any videos and photos that you like.
  • 720p wide-angle HD camera for the recording your wonderful moments. The sky perspective of the drone allows you to record incredible moments of your life and the view finder lens can focus up to 120 degrees which allows you to restore true colors, and it also has a surprising panoramic view for a travel
  • Advanced battery and motor that can last up to 15 minutes. It’s tru that most drones last for roughly 8 minutes in the air before their batteries go off.
  • For the U818 the device utilizes its brushless motor conversion technology which is highly energy saving. You are able to enjoy the fun of the drone up to 15 minutes. This is actually almost double the time of the regular drones.
  • Designed for kids and beginners. The drone is easy to masters and can be driven by almost everyone. However is mostly meant for beginners or kids who just don’t have the skills yet. With the kind of controls and features that it has, it’s an excellent option for beginners.

Top Cheap Drone

A Model That You Can’t Miss

This is one excellent cheap drone that comes with a great feature that allows it to be seen from incredible distances. Its prices are not bad and lie between $50 and $60. UFO 3000 LED drone has a green and blue vibrant LED lights that can be used to see drones that have lost from sight due to flying in low visibility. The drone was designed purposely for beginners and for that reason it has multiple features that enables a beginner to use easily use it. Some of this features include multiple flight modes, precision piloting, and added stability. Additionally, the gadget has 3D stunts which are specifically meant to light up the sky with amazing acrobatics.

Force 1 UFO 3000 LED Quadcopter

You can always watch it glow as you perform your amazing 3D stunts in all the angles with just a single push of a button. Moreover, the of the UFO 3000 is in such a way that it is streamlined and super lightweight to make it more aerodynamic so that you can zip it at very high flying speeds. The drone offers you long times of flying roughly 7-9 minutes. This includes a lithium battery bonus of 3.7v which literally double your flying time. Importantly, the UFO 3000 is a great gift that you can buy for your girls and boys. You can but as a Christmas, birthday or even special occasion gift.
Additionally, this one the kid’s favorite quadrotor that is really enjoyable when it comes to flying it. Its bright colors make it fun and super cool to fly at night, it’s indeed an ideal option for young girls and boys or any other beginner who has not used a drone before.

Has A Whole Bunch Of Features!

Furthermore, the sellers of the drone have an excellent technical team that is always ready to help you when some technical issues arise. This cheap drone has a unique experience and very good for any type of beginner. It is relatively easy to fly and it’s always important to get used to its controls before you start flying it. A combination of its small size and lightweight makes it very stable in hovering. It’s very durable and makes a wonderful gift for your young ones. Its LED lights help to avoid losing the drone in a low visibility situation so that you can enjoy high speeds, outdoor fun, and stunts both day and night. The average charging time if its battery is approximated to be 1.5hrs and it normally comes with 2 batteries which you will have to switch between when they have run out of charge. The average flight time is 20-30 minutes between the two batteries.

UFO 3000 LED Drone Quadcopter
List Price: $59.95
Price: $49.99
You Save: $9.96
Price Disclaimer

The average charging time for its battery is approximated to be 1.5hrs and it normally comes with 2 batteries which you will have to switch inbetween when they have run out of charge. The average flight time is 20-30 minutes between the two batteries.


  • Fairly cheap comapred to some of the others cheap drones with all the features
  • Easy to control as a result of the good controls and a remote that is very easy to hold and function
  • Easiest to learn and to fly and importantly set up.


  • Prolonged use of the drone’s battery makes it run out of charge quickly.
  • If mishandled, it can break down easily, it should be flown carefully and avoid hitting walls and other obstacles.

  • ULTRA FAST. Its precision steering and compact design allow you to zip around at very high speeds.
  • 3D stunts. When using this cheap drone at night, it is able to light up the sky with amazing 3D stunts in all directions with just a single push of the button.
  • Great Drone for children and beginners. With its high visibility and high/low speed, the drone is easy to use and a perfect choice for beginners and kids.
  • Comes with 3.7Vbonus battery meant to double your flight time in the air.
  • 2.4Hz technology with 4 flight channels.
  • Has a total size of 8.3 x7 x4.2 and an approximate weight of 1 pound.

Buy Cheap Drone

Something a little smaller?

This is one type of beginners’ drone that’s a lot of fun and it’s actually real small, the size of a palm. Importantly, this cheap drone can use in both indoors and outdoors. The Hubsan X4 H107L4 has very nice batteries and actually, research indicates that the drone is one of the popular devices when it comes to beginners drones. The drone comes with a USB charger that charges it and it’s always ready to fly when everything is ready apart from the controller’s batteries. The Hubsan is known to be agile and fast, therefore, getting great batteries for it is one good idea when it comes to increasing your flight time. It’s a perfect match for kids so that they can fling it around.

The Hubsan X4 H107L

The latest version of this cheap drone is able to control the system with the adjustable type of gyro sensitivity. It equipped with four channels and importantly a super stable type of flight, lightweight airframe that allows a great durability. The four channels 2.4 GHz LCD display transmitter collaborates with sensitive and adjustable modes that are able to command expert and normal flights. The drone is relatively cheap and costs around $33.98. The drone might look small but trust me its performance capacities belies its size with it being able to fly in outdoor circumstances while depending on wind.

Called A Micro Copter!

Moreover, the Hubsan X4H107L is a very suitable micro quadcopter for all age groups and experience levels. The drone offers a maximum flight time that is approximated to be around 9 minutes with its range being about 30 meters. One of the major reason why it’s always recommended for the young kids is that it’s very stable in the air, specifically in the air. The drone has the ability to fly aggressively and very fast but you can also fly it conservatively if you wish. This kind of versatility that is owned by Hubsan X4H107L actually makes it a perfect choice for beginners. Without a battery, the drone weighs about 28grams and due to its lightweight, it has a tendency of being tossed around by the wind. Therefore, it’s always important that you fly it outdoors when the weather conditions are optimal. The X4 design is companies with an all-black coating with a pair of white streaks on both sides of its body. Importantly, it comes with a small rubber foot that is meant to absorb the landing. Its responsive and easy-to-use controls make it an excellent choice for the newbies and can get used to it relatively quickly. When purchasing its batteries consider getting extras since they will extend your flight sessions three-or-four folds.

The batteries are cheap and do not cost that much. In simple terms, this cheap drone is very fun to fly and it’s highly recommendable for any beginner


  • It durable given the material that is used to make it. This means that it can manage a number of hits and crushes that beginners must always make.
  • Great Quality and a powerful LED.
  • Very fast with a great handling, responsive with plenty of power.
  • Easy to fly, good remote control and a special spare blade include


  • Lacks a protection cover which is always required for any beginner
  • Prolonged use of the drone’s battery makes it run out of charge quickly

  • I highly stronger wind resistant device that is very easy to control and handle
  • Has very high-performance batteries that can be recharged.
  • Has LED lights that are very significant when it comes to the night, they are able to indicate the direction in the night and increase the visual perception of light.
  • Small in size. The small the size and volume of the drone means that the device is light in weight and importantly has a stability and operability that is beyond imagination.
  • Its strong and rigid stability means that it is able to implement different flight movements.

Cheap Drone Today

This One Is Worth The Money!

When it comes to affordable drones for beginners, the Holy Stone HS170 is the powerful best option. Many customers have reviewed the product term it as the favorite for the price. The drone has quite a good speed and it’s actually one of the best options for flying around your place. Moreover, its controller is pretty standard Xbox-style Format and the HS170 can literally stay in the air for approximately 8 minutes. The inbuilt anti-interference system allows you fly more than one drone at the same time. However, for this to be possible, you must have all the 6 batteries that are required.

Our Video Review

Furthermore, the drone usually comes with three-speed settings, the first one is the low-speed setting which is normally the perfect for beginners makes the drone to have a low response. The fun of it is to find yourself in the high and mild setting but this cannot be friendly for a beginner who has not used a drone before. The drone is very responsive and durable and importantly offers you a precise control in all cases of crashes in both indoors and outdoors. In nutshell, the drone has an amazing performance and great value for its price.

HolyStone – A Leading Company

Although it looks small, it has a decent and responsive performance and easy to control, all kids can use it without any issue. Holy Stone HS170 can handle, crashes, bumps, and fall quite well. Its controllers have your typical throttles that enable you to make up and down motions and the left and the right lever that actually rotates the quadcopter. Most importantly, this drone is very fun to fly.

Headless security system that allows you any category of player to fly


  • Relatively cheaper in terms of price with a great performance
  • Quality product, durable and ideal for first timers
  • Easy to fly with its one button flips and a relatively forgiving steering, fun and very fast


  • Can be difficult to control unless you are on an open field
  • You need some knowledge for you to understand the instruction booklet.

  • The items weigh roughly 14 ounces.
  • The HS170 drone has three unique speed modes from beginners upwards to the experienced pilots
  • Its flight time is about 6 to 8 minutes and a flying time of 60 to 80 minutes.
  • It colorful LED lights make it very easy to be identified from the back and front.