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Best Drone For Young Boys!
The Drone Force Brand Is The Top Rated Drone Of Today For Young Boys

Best Drones For Young Boys – A “DRONE FORCE” Review

Freshly Updated On February 8th, 2018 at 1:23 am

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Drone Force

Drone Force

Drone Force is a brand new drone retailer that recently added four new drones to its inventory. The drones are the Angler Attack,the Vulture Strike, the Force Stinger, and the Morph-Zilla. They are uniquely designed and have some interesting features such as missile launchers and morphing abilities. These drones are, undoubtedly, very interesting and unusual. Each drone is designed to resemble an animal. This was a great idea by Drone Force as there are very few high-quality animal drones for sale right now, and there are probably going to be plenty of kids wanting one of these drones for Christmas.

These toys are great for kids and adults and have some stunning features that definitely make them worth buying. Drone Force has done an incredible job of finding a new way to enter the drone market, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this new company.

The Angler Attack drone is a unique drone for sure. It does not look like it should even be able to fly yet somehow it manages. Don’t let its looks fool you. It may look like it belongs at the bottom of the ocean, but its true home is in the air. The Angler is accurately modeled after the anglerfish. Unlike some drones, the shape is instantly recognizable as that of the infamous, deep sea toothed predator. The drone itself is a simple quadrocopter that is colored and designed to blend into the drone’s body design work.

The body is made of plastic bars that create the skeletonized shape of an angler fish while allowing for full drone functionality. The backbone of the Angler glows thanks to some green LEDs that have been implanted in the plastic to add to the deep-sea anglerfish vibe. It really helps solidify the feeling that there is an actual anglerfish flying around the sky, especially at night. And did we mention the eyes also light up? The drone’s greatest feature is probably the light design which makes the drone amazing to fly at night, both indoors and outdoors.

The construction of the drone is sturdy. It is made of rigid plastic that hold their form when flying and crashing (although hopefull, you won’t be doing much of that). The flight mechanics are sturdy and the drone remains steady in the air and does not wobble. This makes the drone great for both indoor and outdoor usage, though it is likely that the drone will not hold up in winds. In addition, the drone’s controls handle well and react smoothly to user inputs. The controller has a 150-foot range, allowing for outdoor play, but the drone can also be used indoors with little risk to furniture and other fragile household objects. The plastic design makes it relatively soft and light so it can minimize impacts and crash damages.

The drone has a battery with a life of about 10 minutes, a length of time not unusual for most drones, and it requires only half an hour of charging to be fully recharged. This is a cool feature to have because many drones require an hour or more of recharging in between flights, which can be a real drag.

If you are looking for a good drone just for flying as a toy, then this is a great candidate. Its great features make it a phenomenal drone for first-time fliers or for kids and adults just looking for a cool toy to play round with. The design really makes this drone unique from all the other drones on the market. Very few drones have such a unique design and great performance all in one single package.

I think we all have thought about attaching a cannon to a drone at some point. Let’s face it, drones are amazingly fun to fly, but they are even more fun when they have guns attached (we should point out that we mean toy guns, not real guns). Toy guns have always been a hit toy among young boys and girls, and drones with little cannons attached add a whole new dimension to the sport of household marksmanship.

The Drone Force Vulture Strike is a drone perfect for backyard shooting competitions. It features two small missile launchers that shoot plastic missiles (four are included with the drone). Admittedly, these missiles are not all that accurate nor are they long ranged, but they are a whole lot of fun! Attempting to navigate a drone through the air while simultaneously aiming for your target (an unsuspecting sibling perhaps?) is a true test of aerial piloting skill. The missiles can be launched using buttons on the controller, allowing for instant destruction of your enemies. A laser targeting system (infrared laser pointer) is also attached to the missile launcher for accuracy. Although the missiles certainly won’t go directly where you aim, the laser is a fun addition to the drone, especially when night flying is concerned.

Speaking of controllers, the drone has extremely simple and smooth controls, making it ideal for both kids and beginners. The drone is a quadrocopter, the most stable drone design, allowing you to focus on your missile launching accuracy instead of keeping the drone from crashing. The drone also has a few unique design quirks that make it stand out from the rest of its quad rotor counterparts. It has a beak and two glowing eyes to give it a vulture-esque face. The design does not stand out nearly as much as the Angler Attack drone, but the birdlike features still add a unique feeling to this drone and flying it feels like piloting a deadly bird on the hunt.

In terms of performance, the drone handles and flies like and other decent quadrocopter. It stays in the air and does not wobble or malfunction. The controller has a 150-foot range, allowing for both indoor and outdoor play. And if you ever do crash, damage should not be a major issue because the drone is made from a durable plastic and there are no fragile parts. You can bump it into a wall or two and it will probably come out fine.

The battery life (10 minutes) is the same as the Angler Attack drone as well as the recharge time (half an hour).

The missile features on this drone really give it a boost in desirability and funness. The design alone is not eye catching or very interesting (although the glowing eyes are super cool to see at night), and the missiles really elevate this drone. This is a great, well-priced drone for kids and is so cool that parents will even want to give it a fly around.

When you think of the word “drone” do you also think of the word “Morph-zilla”? Neither do we. It is yet another unique drone design from Drone Force that features an equally unique name. The Morph-Zilla is a two in one drone that can transform from a flying drone to a drone that drives on the ground like a car. The propeller guards double as wheels when on the ground, and the transformation from car to drone is a sight to see.

Keeping with the recurring animal themes of the other Drone Force drones, the ‘Zilla has a unique monkey design with, you guessed it, glowing eyes. The drone’s body is modeled after a monkey and the connectors that attach the propellers to the body are designed to resemble the monkey’s arms and legs. It is safe to say that, in terms of design, this drone steals the show.

But the design is not the best part of this drone, the unique land to air morphing feature is what makes this drone special. The drone’s “arms and legs” can fold up or down to either allow the propellers to spin in the air or the propeller guards to roll on the ground. The transformation happens with the press of just a single button, and it morphs with no hiccups or errors. Once on the ground, the controls remain the same and driving the drone becomes just like controlling an RC car. The durable design keeps it together extremely well, and this drone can probably survive most bumps and light crashes without breaking.

In terms of technical data, this drone is exactly like the previous drones in terms of battery life and charge time. The controller range is also the same at 150 feet, so this drone is great for outdoor usage as well as indoor use.

This drone is one of the most unique drones on the market right now and is representative of the great ingenuity and creativity of the designers at Drone Force. The transformation feature is well implemented and works well, and makes this drone a delight to fly around the skies or drive across the ground. The simple controls keep the drone kid and beginner friendly. This drone is highly recommended, it is sure to provide fun to both kids and adults.

The Stinger is Drone Force’s indoor only drone and it differs from the other three drones in terms of design. The drone features only two propellers (one on the top and one on the bottom) instead of the usual four, allowing for a sleeker body design, while sacrificing performance and stability. The drone is designed to resemble a bug, and it accomplishes this wonderfully. The drone does, indeed, resemble a giant bug when in the air. And it also has glowing eyes (big surprise).

The resemblance to a bug is heightened by the drone’s erratic flight, a result of only having two propellers. The dual rotor design makes the drone erratic and unstable in its flight, which is a good thing when replicating annoying bugs, but a bad thing when attempting to fly stably. However, the controls themselves are simple and easy to master.

The remote is a unique single-handed design with a joystick for the thumb. This makes controlling the drone simpler, but also less precise. The unstable design makes it better suited for indoor usage, something that is also recommended by the manufacturer, Drone Force. The controller range is also only 50 feet, meaning outdoor use will be very limited.

The battery has a shorter life than the other drones we listed, but on the plus side it can be fully recharged in 20-30 minutes.

But even though this drone has a few performance issues, it is still a great toy and its simple controls make it suitable for kids. The design is equally unique to the other drones in this review and is enough to put it above its other twin rotored competitors. The bug will be a joy for kids to fly around the house, but adults will probably find themselves wanting something with more precise and responsive controls. This is definitely a drone better suited for younger children, especially those who love bugs.

Final Thoughts

Drone Force came out in force with its new drones and blew us away. The designs are downright incredible and we have not seen anything quite like them before. Drone Force has done a phenomenal job of combining cool design with great performance and controls, something that many drone manufacturers get wrong, and its four new drones all make perfect toys for kids. There are very few good drones modeled to look like animals, and Drone Force effectively fills this market niche spectacularly.

The four drones we reviewed are stunning to look at and all have amazing features. In our opinion, the Morph-Zilla is the coolest drone for kids (or adults). The morphing feature is just too unique and brilliant to pass up. The other three drones are equally well designed, and the added detail of glowing lights makes nighttime play much more interesting. These are great, high quality drones, and Drone Force has had a great entrance into the world of drones, and we look forward to seeing what their future drones look like.