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Top 10 Drones That Follows You List

Freshly Updated On February 8th, 2018 at 1:29 am

TTechnology has brought about new inventions which make our works easy and well; a drone is just one of them. A drone is a form of an aircraft that is remote controlled. The device is equipped with GPS and onboard sensors that give the appropriate feedback to the user.

    • The type of a drone
      There are tones of different drones that are offered in the market to choose from. Unlike other devices like the phones where you have to focus on a lot of features before you buy one, a drone is simply determined by what you want to capture and the speed.
    • Purpose
      This is another crucial factor that helps one determines the kind of drone to buy. Do you want a drone for indoor or outdoor purposes or both? This will help you in purchasing the most convenient and appropriate drone for our work.
    • The size
      Drones are designed in different sizes depending on the quantity of viewing one needs. The large sizes are designed to accommodate large camera and videos for those who want to capture a wide area. This may also be due to the number of features that are incorporated in the drone. So make sure you know the size and the features you need in your drone before you make your purchases.
  • Ease to use
    Although we know that all you need is remote to control the drone, it is essential that you buy a device that will not give you a hard time when operating it. For example, the settings should be clear, and the remote should also have all the buttons labeled with their functions such that when the drone is flying, you will not have a hard time controlling it.

In this post we will be covering models from the beginner range to the professional range, giving you a wide variety in price. Below Are The Top Models Of Follow Me Drones

Looking For The Best Affordable Model? Check Out This One


Follow Me Drones

If your real serious about getting the best drone that follows you out there, then this is the model for you. It doesn’t lack in any form, has all the great features that make it easy to control and fly. With a click of a button, the drone follows you hence allowing you to view the events behind you. The device is remote controlled, and you can connect it to a tablet or smartphone to directly view or take videos in the case where you are cycling.

Many models are available with different camera setups, from the 4k model to the cinema 4k raw 16MP camera! The device is quite easy to connect since some of the parts like the aerial system are already connected for you. Other excellent accessories packed with this device includes the 4 K camera that enables you to have a clear viewing of the sky as you take your videos or pictures. It also has a 3-axis stabilization gimbal that provides clear viewing of different angles in the air and the rear areas. Note that this drone has been upgraded from the previous model whereby some parts like the motor has been improved to perform better and faster.

Everything has been packed and thought about in this thing, you’re paying more, cause it’s worth more. From the brushless motor to the newly redesigned rotor blades, the new ESCS, and many many more options, too many to list on this top 10 list! Visit their website if interested in learning more about this model.

  • The drone is quite easy to use regarding connection and controlling hence I would recommend it to a beginner.
  • A professional photographer can also use it for capturing and shooting air pictures since videos from the camera are quite clear and have three lenses for excellent sky viewing in all directions.
  • The drone is packed with two extra batteries for exchange in the case where you are far from an electrical socket.
  • The drone follows you at the same speed that you’re moving at.
#1: DJI Inspire 1 Pro
  • Prolonged usage of the drone causes the battery to run out of charge quickly.

Dj Mavic Pro

Are you looking for a small drone that you can slip in your backpack when going for your sports activities? Mavic pro is the right device to buy. The drone is convenient since you can quickly fold it to fit in your bag without damaging it. Other great features we love is the flying range and the coverage areas that this great device can offer from behind. Equipped with the new ocusync transmission system, one can fly the drone around 7 kilometers and up to a speed of about 64 km/h, making perfect for like a cyclist that needs something that can follow him at great speeds sometimes. It’s also equipped with sensors that will stop the drone from flying into objects with on the follow me more like a tree in the way.

The drone is suitable for photographers since it allows you to capture the moments which are beyond your reach. This is because the drone has large lenses that provide clear viewing making your work easy and quick. Another great benefit for acquiring this device is the fact that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities due to the GPS and the Glonass applications which makes it possible to capture all the events going on from all the directions.It is equipped with a sensor that alerts you the direction the obstacle may be to avoid hitting it hence giving you the freedom to fly the device in any area of your choice. Other accessories packed with the device include a memory card which has a storage space of up to 16 GB. There are a remote controller and a battery charger.

  • The device is versatile since you can use it for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • It is easy to fly and control with the provided remote controller.
  • The drone is packed with three rechargeable batteries which are essential in the case where you are using the drone for long.
  • The drone is tiltable allowing you to take videos from different angles.It has a sensor that allows you to evade obstacles from behind when the drone is following you.
  • A lot of buyers who have used this device praise it to be the best and most portable drone as compared to other drones since you can fold it to a small size.
  • The propellers are easy to fix with the aid of a user manual for those who have never dealt with a drone before.
#2: DJI Mavic Pro
  • The drone cannot give a precise focus when used in an area that poor lighting.
  • The drone has a low storage memory thus making it not ideal for those looking for a drone to store long videos then this might not be the right choice to make.
DJI Mavic Pro
List Price: $999.00
Price: $848.00
You Save: $151.00
Price Disclaimer

Are you attending a sports game in your town, then you might as well carry this magnificent device to enable you to capture all your sporting moments. Some of the sports that the drone is widely used in include, surfing and mountain climbing, where you can view the areas that you have covered, waterboarding to see the waves behind you, and skating. You can set the AirDog to follow you at the speed that you are moving regardless of the place that you are moving from.

Unlike other drones which are controlled with a remote or a smartphone, Airdog controller is worn on the arm hence making it an idea drone for sports people.The drone is crafted with a sensor fusion technology which includes a GPS and compass to give you reports of the areas you are at, the speed in which you are moving at while in your activities.The device is foldable making it easy to carry around in your backpack.

  • The device is easy to operate and convenient for sporting people since it follows you without the excessive need of a remote control.
  • The controller of the drone is worn on the hand which enables you to carry on with your sport without interruptions.
  • The controller is waterproof hence making the drone suitable for use by the people who participate in water sports like surfing and so on.
#3: AirDog
  • Note that you are supposed to set the drone to follow you automatically, and if you make a small mistake in settings then the drone may divert in other directions.
  • The drone is not ideal for a beginner since the settings are a bit complicated.

Follow me Drone

This drone is designed for outdoor services as it has various apps like GPS connection for easy controlling. The GPS enables you to manage the drone and monitor the camera from the device connected to control as it follows your directions. The lenses resolution is estimated to be 4000×3000 and measures about 2 inches each hence giving a high-quality viewing. Other applications installed in the drone include the gimbal stabilization and hover function that helps the user to capture clear footage on the sky.The drone consists of other apps like the video editor that enables you to edit the videos you capture, and you can also add music to the device using the add music app.

You don’t have to worry when flying the drone in areas with obstacles since you can evade bumping into the barriers behind you with the help of the inbuilt sensor and the use of a remote control. Other features found in this drone are the dual satellite positioning system and the enhanced vision system which enables the user to have a quiet flying moment. The camera is designed for capturing 4 k video at 30 frames in a second and in the case of a slow motion capturing; the camera gives 1000 p at 120 frames in a second.You can easily control what to install in the provided memory space through the use of the 3 -axis- U frame camera stabilization that allows you to cancel the unwanted documentation. You can use this drone for fun activities or capture sports events that you are not able to view from afar.

  • Controlling with the provided android tab and a remote is easy.
  • Use the device in all areas since you can easily evade obstacles from the sky with just a click of a button.• The drone follows you according to the speed in which you are moving.
  • It is convenient and versatile as it allows you to add other apps like music.
  • Capture only the best videos since you can easily delete the unwanted or unclear captions with the use of the 3 -axis- U frame camera stabilization.
#4: DJI Phantom 4
  • If the propellers are not well fixed, they may fall in the process of filming.
  • Although you can use the drone at night, the video quality has been rated to be poor by some people who have used the drone before. It may also be difficult to prevent the drone from hitting the obstacles behind you.
  • The battery does not last when used for long hours continuously.

Typhoon Follows Me Drone

This drone was voted as the best CES drones in the year 2016. The drone is packed with ST16 touchscreen gadget to aid you in controlling and flying. The drone has Cg03 + 4 k camera for clear visual and capturing of videos from the sky. It is easy to connect the propellers and other components with the use a user manual.The drone has a total of eight settings which makes it easy for you to control the drone back to your position. These parameters include; automatic return, auto takeoff, and auto landing, auto follow just to name a few.

With the GPS application present, one can have excellent viewing and monitor from all the direction. For carrying purposes, you can disconnect the propellers for secure packaging in the backpack.The drone has an auto obstacle sensor that alerts you when it reaches a place with obstacles.

  • A lot of customers have praised this drone for its efficiency in usage due to the presence of the GPS which makes it possible to control and monitor the drone.
  • The eight mode settings are also essential especially for beginners since all you need to do is press the button if you want the drone to settle, fly or land.
  • The presence of the typhoon H fly app makes it possible for the drone to capture the video in the case where the person is moving in a circular motion.
  • The drone has an auto sensor that notifies you the areas that have obstacles so you can avoid them.
#5: Yuneec Typhoon Q500
  • The battery of the drone runs out pretty fast. So if you are using it for long hours, you may require carrying extra batteries.

Best Affordable Follow Me Drone

It is easy to use this kind of drone since with a tap on the device controller; one can take quick shots according to your preference. The presence of the intelligent flight mode makes it easy for one to fly and control the drone while in the sky while it follows you at your preferred speed. Other packed accessories include the remote controller, three lithium batteries, the propeller guard and a user manual for guidance.

The camera is adjustable to allow you take videos and pictures in tilted forms. It has an obstacle sensor that alerts you when the drone is flying near an obstacle to avoid hitting it. The device is quite fast since it can operate 31 minutes per hour in a sports mode. If you want to post your favorite videos online or on other devices, you can quickly connect it to other smart devices such as the smartphones or even tablets. The drone is used by racers as they can capture and have a clear viewing of the competitors behind them.

  • The drone is small in size making it easy to carry around.
  • The drone is safe to use in different areas since it has obstacle sensor that enables one to evade the obstacles when flying the device.
  • The speed is quite high, and you can tilt the device to take shots from different angles.
  • The drone follows closely as it captures all the events behind you.
#6: DJI Spark
  • The life of the battery is very short as compared to other drones.
  • The drone is not suitable for amateur as it requires professional knowledge in controlling it.
DJI Spark, Portable Mini Drone, Alpine White
List Price: $399.00
Price: $328.00
You Save: $71.00
Price Disclaimer

Get this great drone for both indoor and outdoor recording as it gives the best and most clear video recording ever. The drone has excellent features like vision positioning system that allows you to focus the camera and get the best and clear video recording behind you as you move and in dark areas like in the house. It is easy to assemble considering the majority of the parts comes connected hence all you need is to set the connections and the remote controller to start flying your drone. One benefit associated with this drone is the high memory that allows one to streamline live videos of up to 720 p nonstop due to the available memory card. Phantom 3 standard is compatible with smartphones such as the Android and iOS which allows even better streamlining and sharing your experience with your friends. Equipped with a GPS app that enables you to have a clear and excellent viewing while you enjoy your flying moments. Other useful accessories found in the pack are the two pairs of propellers, a charger a radio controller and 8 GB micro SD card.

  • It is fast and convenient in recording since the camera can quickly record videos of up to 2.7 HD and take pictures of 12 megapixels.
  • You can share the captured videos and pictures with your friend online as long you have a smartphone.
  • It is easy to use, and control since most of the parts are connected, so all you need to do is set the remote control to start flying the drone.
  • The drone is a bit expensive as compared to other phantom drones.

This one of the drone that has the best features for those who want to capture clear and high-quality pictures and videos. The drone is equipped with 18 megapixels full HD 1080 p and 60FPS camera that allows you to take the best pictures as you move.The settings are pretty much comfortable since the remote has all the button including the follow me button whereby once you press it the drone automatically adjust the transmitter and follows you. The drone is packed together with handheld gimbal which is connected to the camera when taking videos and photos; it also has two extra pairs of propellers and a charger.

  • It is easy to use as most parts are connected for you.
  • Excellent for photographers and athletes since it helps one to take clear and high-quality shots.
  • Easy to control with a click of a button the drone automatically follows you.
  • It has a micro SD that enables you to record high-quality videos.
  • The drone is only compatible with a 4k camera which can be inconveniencing for some photographers who want to use other models.
  • The drone comes with only one battery, unlike others.

This is easy to control drone especially for those who are familiar with gaming; this will be a walk in the park for them. The buttons are labeled, and with a push of a button, you will be able to take pictures and videos. The buttons allow you to start off the drone, take video recording, adjust the camera to tilt it when taking pictures from different angles and it also has a button for landing the device. You can also connect the drone to your smartphone for easy control and sharing of your recording. It is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

  • Controlling with the buttons on the remote controller is easy.
  • It allows you to take pictures from different angles since you can quickly tilt the camera.
  • Connect the drone to your smartphone and start to enjoy excellent streamlining.
  • It is suitable for beginners since it has all buttons including follow button which makes it easy to set the drone to follow you.
  • The drone is packed with one battery hence not ideal for the professional photographer or athletes who need a drone for use for long hours.

There is no experience required to fly this drone since it is super easy to operate. The drone is compatible with a GoPro camera that allows you to shoot aerial videos as you move.The battery of the drone is durable and last longer as compared to other drones since it can serve you for more than half an hour. The drone is also compatible with other advanced four-channel transmitters which include the DSM and DSMX.

  • The drone is easy to fly by anybody since no experience is required to operate it.
  • It is compatible with other technologies that allow you to capture videos.
  • The drone does have a large memory for storage purposes.