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Top Drones For Young Children
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Top 5 Drones For Young Children 5 to 10

Freshly Updated On February 8th, 2018 at 1:23 am

I often think about how amazing it is for an item to be so useful and so much fun at the same time. As a little boy, flying a kite used to be the trend. Then we had remote-controlled toy helicopters and other flying toys. Today, a 5-year-old flies a drone. Amazing right?

The focus of millions around the world has quickly shifted to drone technology in recent times. This is mostly due to the expanding market for commercialized drones. Drones have become a tool that just anyone can use, including children. Choosing a drone for your children aged 5 to 10 years can be a pretty tough task.
This is because there are hundreds of products on the market to choose from. This guide will walk you through the top 5 drones for young children 5 to 10. Your kids deserve all the fun they should get, and it’s important you get a drone that is easy for them to use, has a considerable flight range, and is very durable. Stick with me as I tell you everything you need to know about the best 5 drones for children.
I have selected these products based on a number of qualities, including flight time, flight range, battery power, ease of use, price and durability. Their customer ratings are also the best on the market, and you can be sure of getting your child a gift from a manufacturer you can trust. So give your child the best moments of his life and you can thank me later.
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Kid With Drone
How to Choose the Best Drone for Children

Ease of Use/Control
There are drones designed specifically for children between ages 5 and 10. These are drones you should look out for because they have been simplified to make it easy for them to operate.

Another quality is durability. You do not intend to replace his drone every other day. And kids will always be kids. This is why you should look out for a durable product that will last long. Also, it should be able to withstand the wind.

This is important. At that age, what your child needs is a training drone. So you don’t need to buy a $500 drone with all the advanced features. Truth is, he’ll break it soon. So you should go for cheaper but quality drones, preferably under $70.

Fligh Time
Flight time is also a major factor to consider. You don’t have to charge your child’s drone every minute. That can be really frustrating. On this review, the least flight time is 5 minutes and that is what you should go for.

Flight Range
Flight range has to do with control distance. Your preferred drone should be able to go at least 50 meters from the remote control without losing control of it.

Top 5 Drones For Young Child 2018

Looking for the perfect gift for your little boy?

You can set his sights on the skies with this amazing toy drone for children. It is not just about getting a toy for your kid. This is a huge learning process as he can use this quadcopter to learn drone flying skills. It is an easy piece of equipment that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun. This is one device that gives your child the feeling of flying an airplane- without all the technicalities of course.

The 2.4GHz Speed Spectrum drone is small, nimble and exquisite; just the right size for your child. It is a quadcopter design, making it easy for beginners to fly. This ease is further enhanced by the inclusion of a remote control. It features 6 gyro axes that give great balance and steady flight to the drone. 3D tumbling can also be achieved in 4 different directions, especially since it is armed with LED lights.

Great Starter

You don’t have to worry too much about winds interfering with its flight due to its high anti-interference capability. Not only has this device been simplified for easy launch. This LUXON Mini Headless RC Quadcopter Drone has an easy troubleshooting sequence that puts it back in flight in little time. It is designed to perform several functions such as up/down, forward/backward, left/right, sideward movement, one key return, headless mode, 3D flip, and so on.

Features of LUXON Mini Drone Headless RC Quadcopter Drone for Kids
Flight Range: This drone can be flown to a distance of 30m from the remote control.
Flight Time: It has a flight time of between 5 and 6 minutes before recharging is required.
Durability: It is quite durable and cannot be easily blown away by winds.
One-Key Return: It has a one-key auto return feature that ensures the drone automatically locates the remote control with a push of a button.
Headless Mode: This means it doesn’t need to rotate to make a movement as any side can become the head based on your command.


  • The drone is very easy to launch and control.
  • It charges fully in under 50 mins.
  • It is extremely budget friendly.
  • Has a 100% warranty in case of any problem.
  • It is great fun for kids, especially with the 3D stunts.


  • Does not have a camera.
  • Might fly away under strong wind condition.

This is another drone for all-level flyers.

It is a Headless mode entry, this time by Bangcool. I particularly like the red LED light that shines brightly. It is not just a beautiful sight to behold especially in the midst of dark clouds but also serves a purpose. It is a good way to clearly identify the location of your drone. Now your child can really feel cool flying a drone almost similar to what adults fly.

It is a 2.4G Mini UFO which is a proof of its portable size. This quadcopter has 6 axis gyroscope, ensuring that the drone stays steady in flight. It is an amazing way to spend time with your child in the house, out in the yard or even when you go camping. There is no doubt that it is one of the most affordable toy drones you can find out there. This small price does not directly reflect on its quality, durability, and performance.

Anyone Can Fly

Bangcool is a known market brand. With this product, they have given us one of the best drones for children on the market. It has a dimension of 3.74L x 3.74W x 1.57H inches and is equipped to perform several functions such as one-key return, headless mode, 360° flip, memory function and flights on all directions, whether vertically or horizontally. This is perhaps one of the best gifts you can get for your little one.

Features Bangcool Drone For Children
Flight Time: This drone has a flight time of about 5 minutes. This is some time to enjoy it before the next charge.
Flight Range: The drone also covers a distance of 30 meters away from the remote control. That is some distance considering its size.Headless Mode: It is also designed to be headless, making its control easy for beginners.
Bonus Propeller: The box contains 4 bonus propellers so you can always replace in case of damage.Batteries: It is powered by 2 AA batteries which take only about 50 minutes to charge fully.One-Key Return: There is also the One-key return feature which you can use to direct your drone back.


  • Great multidirectional movements and stunts.
  • The drone is very easy to launch and control.
  • It is great fun for your child.
  • LED light allows for enhanced visibility.
  • 6-axis gyro for increased stability and uninterrupted flight movement.
  • Has a 30-day Money-back guarantee, a 12-month service warranty, and 24hrs customer service.


  • This also doesn’t have a camera.
  • Not very durable.

If what you want is for your child to have a fantastic experience and record such an experience, this might just be what you want.

If what you want is for your child to have a fantastic experience and record such an experience, this might just be what you want. This GoolRC T32 FPV Drone Foldable with Camera is more expensive than the first two products I reviewed for obvious reasons. It has a camera that your child can use to capture breathtaking moments from any angle of choice. Taking pictures and recording live videos have never been this easy, especially from the sky.

The 720P HD camera combines with WiFi FPV transmission to ensure that you can view images on your screen in real time. This RC quadcopter is highly functional and comes with a unique folded arms design for enhanced portability. Like most of the other drones reviewed here, this product has amazing functions like 3D flip, one-key return, and many others. The remote control has a capacity of 2.4Ghz and sufficient battery power to last about 8 hours.

Great Toy For Starting Out

Using the right app, you can connect your mobile device to your drone and watch everything display on your screen. It is also quite durable and will endure the pressures to drift away. This ensures long lasting satisfaction for you and yours, and this is why it stands proud as one of the best drones for children on the market.

Features of GoolRC T32 FPV Drone
Added Camera: This product has a camera for taking static pictures and for videos too.Flight Timing: This drone can be flown for up to 8 minutes before charging is ever required.
Foldable Design: It has a foldable design which makes it very portable and makes it easy to store and transport.Flight Range: This is the best so far in terms of range. It can fly as far as 100m away from the remote control.
WiFi Connectivity: You can connect this drone to your mobile devices, especially when you need to use an app.


  • Amazing flight range up to 100m ensures much more fun.
  • Efficient batteries for enhanced performance.
  • You can record and take pictures that you can view in real time as you fly your drone.
  • It flies in headless mode.
  • Complete 24 hours customer service available.
  • Also included an altitude hold function for stability.


  • Costs more due to HD camera feature.

The DoDoeleph Newest Syma X20 is perhaps the smallest drone on the market.

The DoDoeleph Newest Syma X20 is perhaps the smallest drone on the market. It is so small it can fit into your pocket. It is a headless 2.4Ghz Nano LED RC Quadcopter with a superb gold finish. Your child doesn’t even have a problem moving this around and is the perfect drone for indoor flying. But the size of this one doesn’t take anything from it. It has most of the features a drone for children should have.

It has a Headless Mode setting which means you don’t have to adjust the drone’s position before flight. But that is not all. The makers of this one have also made sure that the X20 Mini drone can withstand airborne interference and included an altitude hold feature. It is very easy to control and possesses very strong wind resistance. It is a 3.6 gyro quad-rotorcraft; something you can call a miniaturized copter, and can be controlled to perform different functions that make it fun every time.

At night, you can have a beautiful sight in the sky.

The LED light does not only enhance its visibility at night but also gives a pleasurable experience and can be used to spot the drone’s location. The One-Key 360° roll, hovering, and the continuous roll function makes this a worthy experience for your child. What’s more, it is very affordable.

Features of DoDoeleph Newest Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone
Flight Time: Can fly for up to 5 minutes with charge.Flight Range: It has a control distance of approximately 50 meters, which is good considering the size.Charging Time: It would take about 50 minutes to charge fully.Headless Mode: This means no prior adjustment is required before taking off.One-Key Take Off/Landing: Taking off and return to the point of taking off has been made easy with the one-key feature.


  • Comes with 4 spare propellers for long-lasting satisfaction.
  • It is a very portable drone.
  • The drone is also pocket-friendly; reasonable price for a training drone.
  • It is upgraded for improved stability.
  • It is very lightweight and can be carried easily.


  • Its small size and lightweight can also be a problem during windy climate.
  • Fragile USB port for charging.

Another DoDoeleph Syma signature on this one.

Another DoDoeleph Syma signature on this one. The only difference is that this is an improved version with even more advanced features. Notable is the HD WiFi camera for clear pictures and live video. Even if you’re a beginner, you won’t have a problem flying this drone. Just be sure not to go to areas where there are trees, high walls or pillars. One amazing feature is the somatosensory control which means your phone can easily become the remote control.

Start your child’s day with so much fun and watch him wonder in awe at the beautiful sight. It has great hovering stability, making it easy for you to take pictures and record videos without the drone shaking in the air. The picture quality is unbelievable for the price so you don’t have a problem reliving those awesome moments. And when it’s time to charge, simply connect it to a USB charger to the wall or easily to your computer.

The product comes with a manual to tell you everything you need to know before you launch. This also includes troubleshooting information that gets your drone back in the air. It is also best, to begin with the slower speed mode if you’re a beginner. As time goes on, you can start experimenting with the different other speed modes it has. With a red LED light, even the dark can’t stop your fun.

HD WiFi Camera: This is a built-in camera that helps you take clear pictures and view real-time videos.
App Control: With the right application, you don’t even need a transmitter to control your drone. Your mobile phone works just fine.
Flight Time: You can enjoy up to 7 minutes of flight time on this one before ever thinking of charging.
Flight Range: Can fly to a distance up to 80 meters away from the remote control.
Portability: The foldable arm feature makes it very easy to pack up and carry or store.


  • Foldable arm feature for easy storage and transport.
  • It is very easy to operate, even for beginners.
  • Several extra items included such as a screwdriver, a mobile phone retaining clip, and 4 protective gears.
  • You can be sure of clear and steady pictures and videos.
  • App control means you can enjoy flying without a transmitter.
  • Also suitable for flying in the dark.


  • It is not the cheapest child drone on the market.
  • Might be a little difficult for your child at first.