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The Sharper Image Drones

Sharper Image Drone

The introduction of drone technology came as a reprieve to different sectors and industries of our world. It has simplified the processes of taking aerial pictures and recording videos with great ease and convenience. It is also a very useful technology for surveillance in many parts of the world. There are several drone companies globally seeking for the attention of industries and individuals who require drone services.

Sharper Image drones are sellers of a line of advanced and pocket-friendly drones produced for different purposes. As the name implies, they are known for producing sharp images and quality videos. Sharper Image presently has four drone models in its fleet. They are DX-1, DX-2, DX-3, and DX-4. Each of these models has its unique user-friendly features, with each new model serving as an improvement on the previous.

I’ll review the following Sharper Image models

  • Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone
  • Sharper Image Video Drone with Real Time Display
  • Sharper Image DX-2 Stunt Drone
  • Sharper Image Rechargeable DX-3 Video Drone
  • Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone

Why You Should Choose Sharper Image Drone

There are so many reasons why you should choose this brand the next time you decide to purchase a drone.


Sharper Image Drones are one of the most budget-friendly on the market. This is mainly because their products are simplified for use by individuals as well as industries. With as little as $15, you can purchase a drone for you or your little one and enjoy its amazing benefits. This is something that is almost impossible with other brands.


The fact that Sharper Image drones are simplified also makes it a choice brand for families. Most of them can be used indoor and easily controlled even by a beginner. It doesn’t require much expertise even to assemble. This simplicity is also displayed in the fact that some of them are stunt drones made for fun and do not require registration or regulations by FAA. It is that simple; buy, unpack, assemble and use.


Another amazing benefit that Sharper Image offers is the automated control. Almost every model has auto take-off, hovering and landing feature which makes it easy for you to maneuver and also prevents accidents and damage to your drones.

Clear Images and Live Streaming

Ok, this is not to say that Sharper Image is the only brand that offers live streaming, but their clarity is something to desire. You should try out any of its amazing models that come with a built-in camera and see for yourself.

Before we move on to looking at the products and why they are unique, it is important to know who these drones are designed for and how they are useful.
Sharper Image DX-2 Stunt Drone full review and flight

Real Estate Agents
This is perhaps one of the major commercial uses of drones. If you’re into real estates and you want to showcase your properties to potential buyers, using a drone is perhaps one of the best ways to do it. It is actually the easiest way to capture and establish an aerial view of your properties without the need to hire a helicopter. Whether it’s stills or videos, drones give a panoramic view of your properties and give you real-time images of all angles of your property.

Are you a photographer and you want to give your business that required edge, get a drone. Nature photographers especially will understand how important aerial shots are. You can capture amazing landscapes, rivers, and hilltops from wherever you’re standing using a drone. Adding a drone to your arsenal gives you an edge over your competition. You will be able to capture angles that other photographers will find almost impossible to achieve.

Drone Racers
Ever heard of Earndhart Jr? Well, you could just be the Earndhart Jr. of drones. Weird right? Believe me, there is already a national drone racing championship in many parts of the world. That is how mainstream drones are becoming in our world today. Perhaps, you are thinking of a new adventure or sport to engage in, this is something to consider. There are several drone racing leagues already across the world and I expect that it will get even bigger in the future.

Film Makers
As a filmmaker, you cannot deny the importance of aerial shots and the kind of visual effects they have on your overall movie. Gone are the days when one needed to hire a crane and go high up. Also, you just might not be able to afford a helicopter. Drones are the next big tools for your job. All you need to do is attach your cameras to such equipped drones and control from the comfort of your seat on the ground.

Social Media Enthusiasts
I think we all know this refers to the group of people who just want a drone for the fun of it. It is man’s natural instinct to embark on tasks that often seem impossible. The thought of having your eyes in the skies and seeing everything from that point of view is fascinating and could just be the reason you want a drone. Before you do though, ensure you take a look at the FAA drone regulations. Also, you can upload amazing pictures for your friends and contacts on social media.

Media organizations are also readily embracing the benefits of drones. Sports reportage has never been more easy and effective as it is today. Whether it’s football, cricket, or even soccer, drones provide great angle shots that are almost impossible for humans to accomplish. If you’re a media personnel, especially a photojournalist, you’d do yourself great good to be equipped with a drone.

1. Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone

The DX-1 is undoubtedly one of the easiest drones to fly. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never flown one before. All you have to do is power it up and you’re good to go. This micro drone has an autopilot feature that enables it to perform commands on its own. It even has an auto landing feature that ensures it can land safely whenever you want it to. And just in case you love to perform stunts with your drone, this might just be the right product for you.

While 360° flips are possible with this drone, it is equipped with a gyro that possesses six axles that ensures its stability in the air. The Sharper Image DX-1 Microdrone can fly as far as 100 feet from remote as its 2.4GHz transmitter makes it possible for you to control it when it’s that high up. It also includes 4 LED lights and has two-speed settings; high and low for easy manipulation. The drone is very lightweight and small, just about 0.5 pounds, making it easy to move around.

Features of Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone

  • Small Size: It is a small drone, with dimensions of 10 x 8 x 2.5 inches. This means it can be used easily even in small indoor spaces.
  • Autopilot: The drone also has an autopilot Feature so you don’t even need to worry about maneuvering.
  • Flight Time: The flight time is between 6 to 7 minutes. Meaning you have to charge after every 7 minutes.
  • 6-Axis Gyro: It also features a 6 axis gyro for stability while in flight.
  • Blade Protector: This is a great provision for shielding the blades from damages that may be caused by collisions.
  • It is entry level and lacks advanced control.
  • Simply for a stunt, no cameras.
  • Easy to control.
  • Small enough to maneuver in small spaces.
  • Control range of up to 100 feet.
  • Blade protection enhances its durability.
  • It doesn’t require any form of expertise.
Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone
Price: $14.79
Price Disclaimer

2. Sharper Image Video Drone with Real Time Display

If you desire a drone that comes with a camera for recording events, people, and structures, this might just be what you need. It is beautifully designed with a 4-axis quadcopter. The video camera is inbuilt and transmits real-time images to the screen on the controller. My guess is, this drone was built to actually make it possible to monitor it when it goes out of site and also transmits pictures as they are captured. This means you can stream real-time images.

One amazing feature of this drone is that it can fly towards all directions, forwards, backward and sideways. This multilateral movement gives you an edge as you can navigate easily without hitches. What’s more, like most other Sharper Image drones, this model can be operated by your child aged 12 and above. It is simple to fly and gives you great freedom with a flight range of about 150 feet.

Features of Sharper Image Video Drone with Real Time Display

  • Flies on all Directions: This drone can move horizontally, as well as forward and backward. There is no limit as to what direction you can go with it.
  • Built-in Video Camera: This ensures you can take clear and sharp images from whatever angle you so desire. You can’t imagine what you can achieve with this.
  • 2GB Storage Capacity: It includes a 2GB SD Card where all your pictures and videos can be stored in flight. This ensures you can always go back to review your shots.
  • Included Card Reader: There is also a card reader that ensures you are able to transfer your pictures and videos from one storage device to another without any problems.
  • 2.4GHz Radio Frequency: The transmitter is powerful enough to allow your flight go as far or high as 150 feet without losing control. This is as a result of its 2.4 GHz transmitter.
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries: The model controller is powered by 4 AA Batteries which ensures its continued performance and efficiency.
  • Also very light and operation can be affected by strong winds.
  • Great for capturing amazing moments.
  • Can be charged using AC outlets.
  • 4-axis quadcopter ensures smooth flying on all directions.
  • Can perform 360° stunt flips easily with great balance.

3. Sharper Image DX-2 Stunt Drone

The DX-2 stunt drone by Sharper Image has almost everything that you can find on the DX-1. It features a 2.4GHz transmitter that allows for flight distance up to 150 feet. The stunt drove also possesses an autopilot mode and auto landing setting for your convenience. This is not meant for taking pictures or recording videos. It is simply a stunt drone meant for great fun and excitement. This is also perhaps what drone racers use in their sport.

This model also has the capacity to explore on its own without you using the remote control. It also has 4 LED lights just like the DX-1 and ensures it has a great presence in the air even when it’s dark. With 6-axis gyro, you can be sure of great stability while you watch it perform all the amazing stunts it was built for. There is also an auto orientation feature for proper balance in the air. It is a microdrone and is powered by 6 double A dry cells.

Features of Sharper Image DX-2 Stunt Drone

  • Flight Range: The drone has a flight range of 150 feet, giving you good control freedom.
  • Flight Time: It is also designed to maintain a flight time of between 5 and 7 minutes.
  • Auto Control and Landing: The auto control and auto landing systems ensure that it is very easy to fly, without any need for expertise.
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter: The transmitter strength is what makes it possible for the drone to be controlled at a distance of about 150 feet.
  • Weighs 1.2 Pounds: This drone weighs more than the DX-1 stunt drone. Even at 1.2 pounds, it is still a lightweight device.
  • Comes with Extra Blades: Apart from having blade protectors to protect it from damage, the box comes with extra blades so you can always replace bad ones.
  • Charger doesn’t come with wall plugin.
  • Can be twitchy due to its size.
    • Autopilot feature makes it easy to use.
    • Can be controlled from 150 feet away.
    • Blade protection prevents premature damage.
    • Enhanced stability in the air even while performing stunts.
    • Easily rechargeable.
    • The drone requires no FAA registration.

4. Sharper Image Rechargeable DX-3 Video Drone

This model is a clear improvement on both the DX-1 and the DX-2. It is not a mere stunt drone like the other two but has a built-in camera. This is why it is a video drone. It means you can use it to take pictures, capture amazing moments and record events while in the air. Whatever it is, whether, for security surveillance, photography, or architecture, this is a great device for taking aerial shots and shots that would otherwise be impossible. It is simply an amazing experience.

Still, at 2.4GHz, this drone has a stronger transmitter that enables you to control the drone as far as 450 feet away. It also comes with a three-speed control switch; slow, fast, as well as very fast. This gives you even much more flexibility as you can have the drone move at the specific speed you want. It doesn’t do away with the 6-axis feature that is also present in DX-1 and DX-2, meaning it can also carry out amazing stunts and maintain maximum stability.

Also, the drone is powered by a lithium polymer battery for great performance. More so, it has a 4GB SD card that helps to store all pictures and videos taken during the flight. However, that is not all. If you desire to stream live as you record, you can connect it to a wireless network to which your smartphone or tablet will also be connected. It is compatible with both Android and IOS, meaning it can be connected to most mobile devices.

Features of Sharper Image Rechargeable DX-3 Video Drone

  • Total Controlled Flight: You can maneuver it the way you want; up or down, right or left and easily navigate with its advanced control system.
  • Video Camera for Still Shots and Recording: This enables you to record events and take pictures from a far distance and altitude. This is great for any kind of filming and photography.
  • 10 Minutes Flight Time: This has a longer flight time up to 10 minutes. This means you can take pictures for longer periods as it is equipped to do so.
  • 4 Bright LED Lights: The drone features led lights on all sides for enhanced visibility and appearance even when it’s dark. This is amazing for night-time photography.
  • 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization: With so much control and manipulation, it is important to have great stability and that is what the 6-axis gyro is meant for.
  • USB Charging Cable: The drone is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable for that purpose. You can charge it anywhere at anytime using the right plugin.
  • Could lose remote control when it goes too high up.
  • Lightweight means breeze can take it away.
  • You can take pictures and record videos with ease.
  • Can perform 360° barrel rolls with just a single button.
  • Can be used in the dark too.
  • Covers more ground up to 450 feet.
  • The quick change of direction with the multi-directional remote.
  • Allows you to stream live videos to your mobile devices.

5. Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone

This is one of the most advanced models of Sharper Image Drones on the market. Its performance and functionality cannot be compared to any other as it delivers great results over time. Apart from delivering great pictures and videos, this drone can capture audio as well, ensuring you get the best of the action from wherever it is happening. You do not only record to view later, with your smart device, you can stream live images and video content in real time.

It comes with all the parts that you require to have a great flight experience as well as replacement props so you can enjoy long-lasting functionality. The drone is automated, beginning with the take-off, through to its hovering so you can enjoy a great view with the drone shaking. This great stability is ensured by the 6-axis gyro feature which gives it great stability in the air. It is powered by a li-poly rechargeable battery that gives it great performance all day long.

Features of Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone

  • 2.4 GHz Transmitter: With such amazing radio frequency, you can have control even when your drone is over 100 feet away.
  • 3-Speed Control: It features 3-speed control of slow, fast and very fast, meaning you can have as much pace as you want with the device.
  • 360° Stunt Rolls: This is another amazing feature made possible by a multi-directional remote which ensures it can move in all directions.
  • Shots and HD Video Streaming: This Sharper Image drone is equipped with an HD camera that allows you take clear pictures and videos as well as stream them in real time.
  • Auto Take Off, Hover and Landing: The drone is automated for your convenience. You don’t have to worry about accidents when you take off, unnecessary shaking when it hovers or problems with landing. All of that has been taken care of.
  • Capturing can only last for 10 minutes before recharging is required.
  • You can follow-up better with speed-changing ability.
  • Automation makes it easy to control and maneuver.
  • Single-button 360° view control.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery for better performance.
  • It is small in size, meaning you can package and store easily.
  • Great stability during flight and capturing.
Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone
List Price: $129.00
Price: $76.99
You Save: $52.01
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