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The Top Pocket Drones 2018
Without Breaking The Bank, Today's Top Pocket Drone Is The ZEROTECH Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone

Top 8 Pocket Drones Available in the Market

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Navigating through the sea of pocket drones available in the market can be very frustrating. To this end, a list that narrows down your search is pivotal; it will save you both time and heartache. This comprehensive guide does exactly this. Here, get to know the most important elements to consider in a pocket drone. Above all, get an in-depth analysis of the top 8 pocket drones

How to Buy the Best Pocket Drone

There are fundamental features that make any pocket drone worthwhile. You should always look at these critical elements closely to determine the product that suits your needs best. These are the top considerations before buying;

Control Mechanism

Control systems in different pocket drones vary. You want a product that is fitted with cutting edge technology for easy and accurate control. In addition, a versatile control system can make your experience even better.

Camera Specifications
The heart of any pocket drone has to be the camera functionality. After all, most people buy the product to take unparalleled aerial pictures and video. In this respect, the best pocket drone is one that captures crisp images with excellent video capabilities.

The maximum range refers to the distance in which your drone can fly before you are unable to control it. This consideration will help you determine whether the range is ideal for your projects or not.

Is It Foldable
Most pocket drones are foldable. However, not all of them can be folded. In this regard, consider whether it will be an inconvenience to have a pocket drone that cannot be folded. For most users, the product must be comfortably portable.

Again, when you are considering portability, the size will come into play. Pocket drones when folded will be less bulky and smaller in size. However, when unfolded the size will be different. Knowing the size in inches will help you figure out whether the product is ideal for you or not.

Most pocket drones are lightweight. However, different products will have varying weights. This will also help determine how easy it will be to carry the drone around in your pocket.

How long can your pocket drone stay in the air after a recharge? This element is crucial when considering this product. Some mini drones have longer flight time than others.

Battery Type
The type of batteries required for the product will enable you know the charging time, among other vital details related to power.

Pocket Drone Tips for Prolonge Usage

1. Try to extend battery life

The battery life of your pocket drone plays a critical role in overall performance. A few tricks can help you extend the life. First, choose a drone battery with a higher mAh (milliampere hour). Therefore, look at specifications to know what your model can handle. In so doing, consider the battery weight which must be kept on the lower side for better drone performance. Also, you can preserve battery life by flying in the most ideal conditions devoid of heavy winds and rain. Other tips include charging at the right time and charging fully.

2. Always update drone software

Many pocket drones will fly effectively when the software is updated. To this end, make sure that all apps are in place and ready to go. Updating will help tackle any bugs and keep your drone working effectively.

3. Manually inspect your pocket drone

Sometimes, problems are encountered when propellers are chipped. Other components may be affected as well. In this light, check your pocket drone for any signs of wear. Choose pocket drones that come with a safety feature for propellers.

4. Always refer to the manual

Many times, not getting enough information from the manual can lead to accidents and falls. Therefore, always let the manual guide you. Do not apply your general knowledge to control your drone.

5. Comply with any statutory requirements

There are pocket drones that will need registration. In this regard, find out what your locality requires. This way, you will observe safety and stay on the right side of the law.

6. Buy the right pocket drone

As you have seen from the above list, mini drones come in all manner of shapes, sizes and characteristics. If you want exceptional range or airtime, do not buy a drone that cannot deliver. This is the only sure way to accomplish your mission with the drone. For those who are not sure about the right drone, read customer reviews and see what people have to say. Above all, due diligence is crucial to getting a pocket drone that will be highly effective for what you need.

7. Observe proper maintenance

Your pocket drone will need a good cleaning after several flights. The manual will show you exactly how to clean it up safely. In addition, lubricating the motors is pivotal to maintaining the integrity of your pocket drone. Again, the manufacturer’s manual will guide you on this.

8. Know which areas are restricted

Your pocket drone may be small but it is still restricted in certain areas. A good example are public places like malls and parks. Do your homework about your area and know which areas are restricted. This way, you will save yourself a lot of heartache.

The Best Pocket Drones 2018

100 metres without obstructions

13MPX CMOS sensor, EIS (electronic image stabilization)


Use swipe function or motion controller on your phone

7 to 9 minutes

Lithium voltage 8.7 volts

The Zerotech Dobby is one of the pocket drones that comes with a sleek design. With formidable features and specifications, this mini drone has been noted for great performance. The hardware is highly impressive even when considering the software. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with Adreno 330 GPU together with 2 gigs of RAM. Control is made possible by the DoFun apps which are compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. Here, users can enjoy intuitive controls alongside sleek GUI. This mini drone has one of the best camera functionality.

To begin with, the innovative high definition camera provides for facial recognition. Short video shooting together with target tracking are also possible. In real time, you can monitor the images on your phone. As if this is not enough, you can synchronize all photos captured with a single click. Videos can be edited and smoothed out using the EIS or electronic image stabilization feature. It comes with dual satellite positioning capability. Sharing the high quality images and video to friends and family is made easier, thanks to the sharing function. Indeed, these are impressive capabilities for a mini pocket drone.

  • The pocket drone is fitted with among others field oriented control (FOC) and 3 way cooling solutions to make sure that the flight performance is safe and stellar.
  • The camera quality is highly advanced owing to the 13 million pixels and 4K – image acquisition. The results are top level images and videos.
  • The mini drone employs intelligent flying thanks to computer vision and other image transmission systems fitted therein.
  • Can be used safely both indoors and outdoors from any aerial angle. In this regard, even selfies can be captured in new dramatic perspectives.
  • Comes with more exciting features like gravity sensor control, level 4 wind resistance, voice control, altitude hold; the list goes on.
  • For the super-packed features, the pocket drone is fairly priced at under $200.

50 metres

4K at 15 fps and 1080p HD at 60fps


Dedicated watch controller

8 to 10 minutes

Lithium polymer batteries

The 7 Hawk4K Folding Pocket Drone is well known as the first foldable drone to be created. It comes in an amazing compact design that is appealing to say the least. The most notable features are its dedicated watch controller function, the pre-bundled 4K camera and the 2D and 3D brushless gimbal. It does not matter whether you are using Android or iOS app because it is fully compatible. Users will enjoy the Follow-me function because they do not have to manually take the drone wherever they go; it just follows.

The camera capabilities are highly impressive. In HD, you will enjoy clear pictures as well as videos. In many ways, this pocket drone has set the standards for other similar products. The 4K camera delivers clear high quality images. The resolution is unmistakable when considering the video as well. Because the camera can rotate 360 degrees, you capture aerial images and video in panorama

  • Enjoy real time or live video streaming thanks to this mini drone. This is made possible by a dedicated application that is compatible with many operating systems.
  • The pocket drone can continue capturing images and video while you are going on with your business. This is thanks to the Follow-me feature. It cannot get more hands free than this.
  • The watch controller brings together all functions in one place. With proper use, the controls are easy to handle. Many people will need to consult the manual several times to ensure that they are working the controls as they should.
  • For superior and stable video quality, the 3-axis brushless gimbal works to stabilize accordingly. With 2D and 3D options, your experience becomes seamless.
  • The compact design makes it easily foldable and easy to carry. It comes with a sturdy carry bag in which the drone tucks away really well.
  • This drone gives you full value for money if you are looking for ultra high quality and performance.

20 meters

13MPX CMOS sensor, 4K at 30fps and FHD at 60fps


Smartphone control

20 minuntes wiht 2 batteries

Lithium ion battery

The most notable element about the Hover Camera Passport pocket drone is the design. It has been purposely created with safety in mind. This mini drone comes fitted with a selection of excellent features. From GPs to great camera specifications. If you are looking to capture the best drone selfies, this could be the ideal product for you. To begin with, this drone has an auto-follow mode where it performs all its tasks without your intervention. This means that it can record videos and capture images when you are running, surfing and even cycling among other activities.

Unlike other pocket drones as alluded to above, this product is designed with a carbon fiber cage enclosure. This means that it can withstand falls and accidents in general. The propellers are safely protected making it not just safe; but highly durable as well. You can employ the owner mode and gesture control functions. This way, scanning your face in the app will ensure that the drone follows you. Here, it can record and capture images of you with quick gestures to the camera. This product is extremely lightweight. In light of this, you can carry it anywhere conveniently.

  • The auto-follow ability is truly revolutionary. You continue with your adventures as the drone follows and records you. This is made possible by the face and body recognition technology.
  • The pocket drone is able to hover in a 360 degree angle to capture all angles. This orbiting ability will ensure that you capture video and imagery that is panoramic.
  • This is one of the safest pocket drones available in the market as hinted to above. For this reason, there is no requirement for FAA registration within the United States.
  • It is worth pointing out that this product will fold into half; fitting perfectly in your pocket.
  • The ability to record videos in 4K and FHK takes the resolution to a whole new height. This pocket drone is definitely fitted with great features and is worth every penny spent.
  • Enjoys many positive reviews from customers; especially regarding performance and safety.

30 – 100 metres

4K3OP and 1080P6OP HD video


Multiple smart control (tablet, smartphone)

8 to 10minutes

Lithium polymer batteries

The Wingsland S6 pocket drone is a highly compact lightweight drone that is foldable. It is one of the most stylish products available and you can choose up to 5 colors. It comes with incredible camera functions and features to enable a number of things. For example, it enables a home lock mode, follow me, return to home, orbiting and a couple of intelligent functions. This is an outdoor edition drone that comes with professional brushless motors to make exploring the outdoors much easier and fun.

The app used is compatible with various systems to enable multiple control functions like flight control, editing video, simulator and even adding subtitles to video. With an impressive range of up to 100 meters, this mini drone is sure to deliver high performance. Other fun features and accessories that are worth mentioning include; propeller guard, search light, emoji display and boom boom gun.

  • This pocket drone is stylish and comes sporting great hardware as well. With only 250g of weight, putting in your pocket and transporting it wherever you want is easy.
  • It is really hard to find a mini drone that gives you choices for color. To this end, you are able to choose a product that best suits your style needs. This way, you add personality and flair making you stand out from the crowd.
  • Brushless motors and batteries are responsible for the dynamism in this product. This way, the power of the drone is boosted as you enjoy better performance with your outdoor experiences.
  • This mini drone comes fitted with internal double-module GPS. This literally means that there are up to 17 satellites. It also has a 6-axis gyro and barometer. All these make this pocket drone intricate.
  • The professional camera comes with great specifications. In addition to those mentioned above, it is supported with EIS 3-axis digital stabilization. EIS simply stands for electronic image stabilization.
  • Considering the multiple features and functions of this pocket quad-copter, the price is very fair. You can get it for under $200.

50 to 100 metres

HD built-in camera


Multiple controls (Smartphone, 2 remote control and gravity control)

6 to 7 minutes

3.7V 400mAh

The JJRC H37 Baby Elfie is a notable upgrade from the previous version. This is one of the cheapest pocket drones to find in the market. Despite the price, it packs many impressive features including an impressive range of up to 100 meters. You also get up to 7 minutes of airtime and this is also great comparing to other products that come at a higher price. When considering the camera, it is a high definition. This is a welcome upgrade from the older version.

It is no surprise that the camera is not 4K ready but it will deliver basic quality results in imagery. This pocket drone also does not have GPS. However, the altitude hold function will serve a vital purpose. This hold sports a one-key return. The overall size is compact and lightweight suitable for all your activities. The design and style therein are also not too bad comparing with other similar products. This budget pocket drone is fitted with a 1S LiPo battery pack.

  • A good upgrade from the previous version. Comes with notable improved functions.
  • For a cheap mini pocket drone, it comes with an impressive range of 50 to 100 meters.
  • 6 to 7 minutes of airtime is not too bad for a basic drone.
  • Even though the camera specifications are basic, it is a worthy improvement from the previous VGA. This one comes with a built-in HD camera to deliver solid image quality.
  • If you are a budget buyer, this is the right pocket drone for you. Also, if you are a beginner to the world of mini drones and do not want to spend a small fortune at first, this is a good place to start.

500 to 2000 metres

FHD ready camera on 2-axis gimbal


Dedicated controller, auto control, mobile, gesture

15 to 16 minutes

3S LiPo pack with 1480mAh

The DJI Spark pocket drone has been praised as the best in the market. This is mainly because it is a mini drone ahead of its time. It packs incredible features to deliver unparalleled performance. It maintains its light weight while employing abilities that other drones have to catch up with. First, when considering the flight time, you will discover that this is the longest for any pocket drone. With 16 minutes, you can accomplish a lot. In addition, there is no other mini drone that comes close to having a range of 2000 meters. This range will be determined by the FCC or CE compliance. Either way, you get 500 to 2000 meters regarding range.

The professional camera features are really impressive. As hinted to above, it has an FHD ready camera mounted on a 2 axis gimbal. In addition, there is a hardware stabilization system to ensure that the image quality is both crisp and stellar. The fitted technology ensures that there are shake-free shots. When it comes to safety, this pocket drone has set the pace. It comes with propeller guards which should be used all the time. It comes with many other intelligent modes and features as highlighted in the merits below.

  • Launching the mini drone is very easy using face recognition. The FaceAware function ensures a quick launch to see the drone hovering within no time. With propeller guards on, safety can be ensured at all times.
  • Control has been simplified in a dramatic manner. To capture panoramic aerial shots, there is no need to use your mobile device or the remote control, hand gestures are enough to control the gadget.
  • To spice up your aerial videos and images, the intelligent flight mode will come in handy. Here, you employ intuitive controls to create the most impressive videos and images.
  • Editing and sharing your videos is also possible. With an array of filters, you can get the right content and get it out there as desired.
  • This drone makes tracking much easier. This is made possible by the Active Track feature. The mini drone is able to identify objects and shapes for proper more accurate tracking.
  • You can transmit the video data in real time. This is thanks to the HD Wi-Fi technology. Keep in mind that this transmission is effective with no obstructions and when a remote controller is used. In addition, FCC compliance is paramount.
  • This pocket drone is definitely high-end. What this means is that getting it guarantees you top notch performance with a myriad of features. Sometimes, the best pocket drone comes at a price.

80 metres

2.0MP 720p HD video and photo imagery


Multiple intuitive controls (remote, Wi-Fi, 2.4G grip controller)

7 minutes

3.7V 500mAh 20c LiPo

The GooIRC T47 FPV pocket drone is the perfect product if you are looking for excellent features in a stylish compact design for under $100. It comes with an awesome camera and a host of other features. The altitude hold mode is a great function in any pocket drone. Here, even a beginner can take great pictures and video because stability is ensured. To uphold stabilization further, the drone is fitted with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system. Other notable functions are the 3D rollover abilities which make all the difference.

This is another pocket drone that allows for live or real time transmission of video. Through Wi-Fi, the FPV and selfie mode are also activated. This compact product is stylish and is foldable to fit in your chosen pockets. Even though 7 minutes of airtime could be better, it is worth noting that this is the flight time for one battery; this drone has two. The range is impressive going up to 80 meters. With so many other features to admire in this product, you will see why the performance is satisfactory.

  • If you are a person who is looking for an attractive pocket drone, look no further than this product. The color and the whole compact shape makes it stand out from the rest.
  • If you love intuitive controls in a multiple setting, this product will deliver as well. It is versatile to give you total freedom where controls are concerned.
  • With the altitude hold mode, both novice and veteran users can produce video and pictures that are stabilized. In addition, if you prefer impeccable video and images, just tap into the beauty mode available to enhance the appeal of your content further.
  • The total charging time for the battery is about 70 minutes. This way, you will be in a position to plan your activities.
  • The image transmission distance is about 30 meters which is a good range for a mini drone.
  • Comes fitted with other features like gravity sense control, headless mode, side-ward flight, up and down, left and right, forward and backward; among others.
  • For not more than $63.99, this pocket drone comes with so much. Therefore, it is a great pick if you are looking for excellent functions while observing a strict budget. The customer service is notable with great after-sale service policy. Customers can get help at any time from the manufacturer for optimal satisfaction.

500 to 2000 metres

FHD ready camera on 2-axis gimbal


Dedicated controller, auto control, mobile, gesture

15 to 16 minutes

3S LiPo pack with 1480mAh

There is no doubt that the GoPro Karma with Hero5 pocket drone is a premium product. In this regard, it delivers exceptional performance with versatile abilities. To begin with, it can be mounted or handheld to capture incredible aerial images. It is lightweight and foldable for optimal convenience no matter where you want to go. With camera stabilization functionalities, your footage will be professional and impressive. Indeed, this is more than a drone because it can be mounted and worn in the body. Ultimately, it provides a fun flying experience.

For people who have never used a pocket drone before, this product makes it very easy. It comes with built-in guides coupled with a one button automatic takeoff and landing. The training consists of a simulator which will guide users step by step in a visual manner. For seasoned users, the smart controls take the gadget to a higher level; hands-free for the perfect shots. The compact design is also stylish sporting awesome hardware. It is not just foldable but the propellers are detachable. Making this one of the most versatile designs in the market today.

  • This pocket drone is fitted with a removable stabilizer. This makes it possible to get shake-free impressive aerial footage.
  • The controls are not complicated and intimidating. Any person can get started. Smart controls make the fun even better especially for the seasoned fliers.
  • The Karma drone comes with high quality touch display ability. This works to improve visibility in the outdoors. To this end, real time footage is captured in the best resolution for captivating shots and imagery.
  • The range is like no other and when you are looking for top performance, this drone delivers.
  • It will take about an hour to fully charge the battery. This will give you up to 18 minutes of airtime. Not many pocket drones are able to deliver this.
  • Overall performance is satisfactory. The camera can be used alone when you are not using the drone. This makes it fun and exciting. You get value for money.