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We are a little different from the other review sites, in the sense that we are a small business, and that we try to provide true meaningful reviews to our visitors. The stuff we said in our review is not just “bs”, we actually went out and read a bunch of reviews on the so items, asked questions about the items, and came up with a list or review of what we think are some of the best items available to you at this time.

Like said we are not a big company, this business is run by a small group of people, but to make reviews even more trustworthy, we go out and purchase many of the items that we review ourselves and make video reviews on them as well.

Our reviews are meant for all, we know that some of the features found in our top robot vacuums may not be for the regular homeowner and that the price tag on the best electric skateboard may too much for some people to swallow. The good news is, we also cover cheaper models that might just fit your needs better.

Reviewing the DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Why We Do It?

Going through today’s tech, either it’s from your work or from the house, it can be difficult in finding the best products, like the best drones with a camera. Hey if you’re a millionaire and you don’t mind wasting a little money trying a few products till you find the right one, then you go ahead and do that, for the rest of us, we’ll motivate our buying decision by looking at reviews from other customers. That’s where comes in.

To Be Clear!

The methods that we use on our website to earn revenue in no way affects the rankings of the products, services or companies that we review. Period

We use many different methods of earning revenue not only to support the staff and hosting of this site but also to purchase new products for reviewing purposes so that we can keep the ball rolling. Without YOU guy’s commissions, the continual of reviews would, unfortunately, come to an end as my pockets are only so deep.

Are The Reviews Maintained?

We keep our reviews up to snuff, making sure that the most updated items are on the list if they come out. There are things that just don’t change often like the best self-cleaning litter boxes, which we just don’t ever have to update unless Robot Air comes up with a new model! And then there are the ones that change almost all the time, like the best drones under 100 buck, which we update almost every 3 months, whatever it is, rest assured we did the research, we put in the time, we did the work, we reviewed the reviews, and you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck.